Weekly Recap: April 4-10

After a couple misleading Uber drives home it’s finally Steve’s first week back in the Chi which means nothing other than, back to the party! Now that he’s back, Steve remembers being back at DahlCast HQ means back to socializing with others on the floor, the girls and his favorite, the Bolge. Meanwhile while Brendan’s love of flavored coffee and poetry are exposed the guys can’t help but recognize a little personal growth in their favorite bachelor. As for Steve, he’s in the doghouse with Janet after leaving her feeling unappreciated after discovering a broken printer in their freshly pristine basement. Plus, who doesn’t love when Janet lays down the law?! In addition, Steve shares a quite traumatizing story of pantsing which get’s Dag thinking when Brendan walks in wearing a burgundy sweatsuit below the waist. This Thursday the guys end up back in the basement thanks to the White Sox game but boy were they excited for today’s season opener, especially after taking a look at today’s menu. But will Brendan’s questions on chocolate and the cocoa and vanilla bean ever be answered? The world may never know…
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Brendan wrongfully worries about Matt on this week’s episode of Matt & Brendan. Thinking he saw a sad panda meme shared by Matt the two discuss if Matt was a meme, which would he be? Tree panda, sad Papaw, dancing glasses kid, or weiner dog? Plus Matt has no choice but to change Doctor’s after meeting the new very cool man who is sure he can help Matt build his ample butt once and again.
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Daniel Van Kirk is back two times this week as he speaks with two hilarious comedians you won’t want to miss. Hilarious and serious, all in the same episodes. This week DVK spoke first with Yesel Manrique and then Joseph Clift. Sharing both touching and hilarious old photos these guys truly know how to reminisce on the good old times while sharing truly life altering stories. And don’t forget Daniel is doing his stand up LIVE at North Bar in Chicago on June 10th! You can get your tickets here!
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And last but certainly not least Kevin Matthews is back again on this lovely Friday but this time with Ahmet Zappa to speak of some great Zappa news. In addition, Kevin remembers a true legend and old friend Merle Haggard plus much more!
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