Weekly Recap: April 18-24

The DahlCast brings you a fresh and surprising new week as Brendan shows off his sleek new haircut, Dag get’s extra creative and Steve meets some fans outside on State St. We always knew Steve was a smartie-pants but passing Professor Greeley’s Broadcasting quiz might qualify Steve to be a genius. Then we have Dag who comes up with “bromo”, though we’re still figuring out what this means these guys were on a roll this week.

With the tragic loss of pop star musician Prince passing away, Steve regrets missing his legendary Super Bowl XLI show. The guys also have special guest Mike Brewer on the phone to honor 4/20 and to have you DahlFans high on laughs for this one. Now for all you sports fans out there, Steve spends some quality time with his sons at the Blackhawks game but turns out that his “lucky shirt” isn’t so lucky after all. Blackhawks aren’t the only Chicago team with major losses. The guys also talk Adam LaRouche’s departure from a $13 million contract to do work abroad, a site that leaves the guys initially shocked, but still with tons to say. Good thing walgreens has an extensive alcohol selection for fans to get through these tough times with sports. The guy’s share their favorite deep dish pizza’s as well as talk some healthy choices like avocado toast to nutritious yet delicious low calorie Lean Cuisines. YUM! can you imagine a DahlCast without some mouth watering food talk?!
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Any bad bitches at Equinox?! Male or female. The guys need to know. Matt spent the weekend indulging in some fine dining with a nice Chianti and a classy version of spaghetti and meatballs to meat from Jewel for a good old fashioned bbq. Meanwhile, Brendan is looking for some serious lovin’ and has confusing feelings about a good looking passenger on the CTA bus. Stay connected with the guys as their curiosity escalates this week on some pretty interesting topics.
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On the latest Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk his long time friend, Jason Wayne Christian joins him to reminisce on the good old days. From working together on the show “ Seinfeld the Purge” always saying, “ Yes” and even Andrew Shaw’s suspension. This conversation gets real when they start to talk about what they think of their bodies, about being picked on in high school, and things really start to sizzle when Jason says what he told his wife he was actually looking for on their 3rd date together. Listen in for the juicy truth.
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Kevin Matthews is back to remember another legend on this week’s podcast. In the midst of losing many wonderful musicians Kevin decides to talk to his son. In addition Jim shorts loses a ton of money betting on the Hawks and tons of guest are on the hot line.
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Bob & Ron’s Record Club is back after only a week or so of hiatus following a heart wrenching computer glitch. No worries though, as they’re back with a brand new new potcast recorded none other than their favorite holiday and day-off 4/20. Are they heroes? They told me to say, “Yes, tremendous heroes they are”. But you’ll have to tune in to see for yourself. From Bob & Ron, “You’re welcome America.”
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