Weekly Recap March 7-13

Steve is soaking up that sweet Florida sunshine while indulging in cravings from delicious key lime pie to some jumbo shrimp and people watching on the beaches. Even though Steve missed out on some free food at the office as a party seemed to be going on, he got over it pretty quickly considering all amazing treats he’s been getting from Publix to Walgreens. Brendan obviously is trying to warm into the Sklar’s hearts with spending time eating their yummy breakfast and playing a little basketball at their home over the weekend. Some estrogen on the show was much needed and of course, Steve’s lovely wife Janet, joins the guys to discuss thick eyebrows and manscaping. Janet answers questions about fun things to do with her girlfriends and Brendan invites himself to hang out with the Joliat ladies.

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Get itchy for some talk with Matt and Brendan about the super lice breakout in Illinois. From Brendan’s laundry delivery to Matt’s neighbor getting rid of some pretty weird junk join the guy’s on this week’s podcast as they discuss the movie Spy with Melissa McCarthy to the late John Ritter. Plus more of course!

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Actress Tess Paras, “the sensitive little girl” from Houston, joins Daniel as a special guest on this week’s Hindsight. From growing up in California to going to College at NYU listen to them talk about her life as a Disney Princess cruise ship performer and how she ended up hanging out with Puff Daddy and Kris Jenner! Stay tuned.

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Bob and Ron talk about the closing of Shake Rattle and Read in less than 90 days! Even though they will soon be losing one of the few places around that still feels like home, they know how to cheer themselves up with upbeat records and music from Procol Harum, Ringo Starr, and the “lost” Disco Demolition Soundtrack! Listen in and Enjoy!

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