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07/29/2014 00:00

Roe Conn joins today's show for another brainletting session. Jim Johnson comes in in from the Wisconsin North Woods, and he is still just as funny as you remember. Roe is going yachting with an automobile sponsor and Steve is thinking Wolf Of Wall Street

lumberjack, Roe Conn, Harry Caray, Wisconsin, Bill Kurtis, Jim Johnson, north woods, semi-attractive bride, aluminum underpants, minnow bucket, white-knuckle it, Kenny Loggins hair
12/02/2013 00:00

Bears nation is down in the dumps after a disastrous ending in Minnesota.  Luckily, Tom Thayer is on today's Dahlcast to brighten your spirits with expert analysis and no nonsense emotion.  All is not lost, Bears fans.  Just one ugly game.  Steve and family experienced a lovely Thanksgiving.  Hear how Steve choked when the dinner spotlight shone on him and what advice his father offered during a long car ride.  Also: trouble at a Wisconsin nude beach and Maria Bello's coming out party.  Sign up now!

Steve Dahl, Wildfire, Wisconsin, Tom Thayer, Vikings, Alshon Jeffery, The Steve Dahl Network, Bears, Jeff Joniak, Paul Walker, Robbie Gould, Steak Towel, Rosie O'Donnell, Jon Bostic, Ukraine, Dane County, Kiev, Maria Bello, Mazomanie, nude beach, Thom Brennaman
09/25/2012 00:00 Chicago is proud of its many sons and daughters spreading their good work all over the world. From quarterbacks to hockey players, filmmakers to actors we like to make sure that the world knows that our people are from the Windy City. Join Chicago’s very own, Steve Dahl, for a show full of Midwestern pride and local love. The News of the day takes us to a story about Chris Chelios burning a Jay Cutler jersey in a Chicago bar over the weekend. TMZ, not a Chicago news outlet, got the scoop and a video, which will really just make you feel better that Chelios is not from here. Real Chicago fans know that Cutler will be just fine. And that Stanley’s is a good place for hot chicks. Shawn Ryan, Rockford native, joins us to talk about his latest show for ABC, “Last Resort”. This show, Steve’s new favorite for the fall season, is packed-full of Chicago-area natives. Here in the Windy City can make any show about us, even one set on a submarine and then on a tropical island. Michael Sneed’s latest “I Spy” draws Steve’s attention, as someone thought that Garry Meier being told what to eat at Brunch is “news”. Real Chicago people know that this must be a slow day for Sneed if Garry makes the column. Maybe she should cover what the hell Prince was doing while he denied Chicago their encore. Don’t piss off us locals, Prince…we never forget a slight. Love Chicago? Miss Chicago? Want to reconnect to the city? Well, go to http://dahl.com/subscribe , subscribe and get Steve Dahl’s take on Chicago every day! He’ll help you live like a local, no matter where you call home! Jay Cutler, Steve Dahl, Prince, Wisconsin, Garry Meier, WGN, Chris Chelios, TMZ, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Janet Joliat Dahl, Last Resort, burning jerseys, hated Chicago sports figures, sexual relations with a couch, Shawn Ryan ABC TV, Wally Phillips
05/11/2012 00:00 It’s Friday at the DahlCast and we encourage you to let your freak flag fly. We start the show with Steve pointing out how freaky it is that the morning traffic reporter on CBS 2 sounds just like the Ladies’ Man from SNL. Time Magazine gave all of the Mothers in the world an excuse to turn their kids into a bunch a freaks by breast feeding them all the way up to puberty. The cover picture has to be one of the freakiest things we’ve seen in quite some time…yet, somehow, fixating… The DahlCast’s favorite freak, Dino Stamatopoulos, joins us to kick this show into high freakin’ gear. We discuss his character’s demise on Community and how little he actually cares about it. You will also be treated to the audible-delights of the “Dino Stamatopoulos” rock classic, written by Peter Blood. Yes, that is his name and you should hear the things he rhymes with Stamatopoulos. Buzz helps us work through the Deadspin update on Patrick Kane. Kaner got caught being freaky with a college gal in Madison, allegedly, and Brendan helps us “bro” up the discussion. We finish Freaky Friday with another update on the Travolta story and Dag does give us more of his instant-classic Travolta impression. Have a great freakin’ weekend, everyone! Steve Dahl, John Travolta, Wisconsin, Patrick Kane, Buzz Kilman, Chicago, Madison, Dino Stamatopoulos, Deadspin, Alcohol, NATO, bro behavior, cruising, fraternity parties, the guy code
05/08/2012 00:00 Celebrate the bounty of the DahlCast! Or at least celebrate the copious amounts of food we discuss on today’s show. From a Virgin Mary painting with her dressed as a Hooters girl to Steve’s preparations for an invocation at Matt Dahl’s wedding, we really offer a full buffet of topics for our subscribers. Perhaps Janet should have brought home a pineapple upside-down cake from a recent trip to the bakery, instead of an unfortunate Key Lime pie. Our “Ask Janet” segment makes its debut today and our favorite mom, wife and friend offers some advice on a good restaurant for a 10th anniversary and how to teach kids to properly thank people for gifts. However, she was stumped by a hard-hitting pineapple question. Thanks for adding your own brand of jam to our sandwich today, Janet. We finish our “PB & J” Tuesday with a call to Pat “PB” Boyle. We get his take on the fishy John Travolta story and the Kaner in Wisconsin, who must have had too much beer with his queso curds on Cinco de Mayo. Get on the table and enjoy today’s All-You-Can Eat DahlCast Buffet! Steve Dahl, key lime pie, John Travolta, Wisconsin, Patrick Kane, Janet Dahl, Pat Boyle, Madison, forest preserve liasons, massages, pineapples, Quentin Steve
Results: 5 Episodes Found