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09/19/2013 00:00

On this star-studded Steve Dahl Show, Steve welcomes his showbiz soulmate Joe Walsh, in town for an Eagles (note:, no "The") show. Then, Bob Odenkirk visits the studio to talk about Saul Goodman, Breaking Bad, and Steve's influence on Bob's radio career. Bob tries on an important Dahl artifact and joins Steve in eating on the air.

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06/12/2013 00:00

Birds of a feather flock together.  This idiom applies to actual birds, like the one Steve spotted on the golf course.  It’s also relevant for sadomasochistic Gold Coasters that have entered into a contract together.  In the latter case, the flock can break apart through ugly divorce proceedings.  

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04/18/2013 00:00

The Chicago area is under water, but thankfully the DahlCast headquarters are nice and dry. Dag barely made it here but thanks to an expertly crafted ark and the help of some fine religious radio, his commute floated right along.

Steve is no stranger to being stuck in a car in water, and shared with us a tale of viaduct madness from a previous storm. His car on that fateful day was the opposite of how he likes his beef – wet and destroyed.

Heather Locklear must have been reading “Semenology” because she has a very unusual way of keeping her over-50 skin hydrated and youthful. If you were wondering what her beauty regimen is, we can assure you it includes facials, just not the kind with the mud or clay.

Steve has been saturated with nights of bad theater over the years, but is happy to be joined on today’s show by the lead from his favorite show, Book of Mormon. Ben Platt, who plays Elder Cunningham, is one of the funniest guys Steve has ever seen on stage. Steve gushes all over Ben, his new friend, who also grew up with the surf of Southern California to keep him afloat.

We close this especially soggy show, with an email from a University of Maryland sorority girl who has obviously not been wet in a long time, if you know what we mean. Though this email, Steve and Dag learn some new words and also that being dry at a wet party in college can really get you into some hot water.

Take cover, for today’s DahlCast is going to dump some real humor on you and will accumulate a lot of laughs! 

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02/22/2013 00:00 And the Oscar goes to…Steve Dahl! For his stirring and emotional portrayals of both Tom Skilling and Drew Peterson during today’s DahlCast. With a comedic flourish, Steve shows his acting chops at the top of the show, as we welcome the beloved Tommy Skillethead into the studio. His next role, as a middle-aged obnoxious, convicted killer from Bollingbrook, IL, Drew Peterson, is really Dahl’s tour-de-force. His brilliant handle on the dialect that echoes through the archives of CNN and Nancy Grace’s hateful thoughts has critics all over the world singing his praises. Then, Dahl is joined by his close friend and movie-buff, Buzz Kilman, who thankfully didn’t suffer any after seeing the film “Side Effects”. Dripping with sarcasm, Mr. Kilman gives the audience his interpretation of a man who has had it with the awards season and the ego-driven banter is brings. A close runner up to Dahl’s tremendous performances today, is an Adult Film star who must have had some serious research to do for his upcoming role in “On the Firepole”, as he was caught doing less than honorable things in a Firehouse. Today’s DahlCast is an extravaganza of drama, intrigue, and suspense, all driven by Dahl’s comedic sensibility and amazing sense of timing. This is truly the four-star experience that paying subscribers have come to know from this legendary actor and is a must-listen! Steve Dahl, Buzz Kilman, movie reviews, Brendan Greeley, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Tommy Skillethead, Drew Peterson, Best Picture, car accident, false alarms, firehouse intruder, fooseball, Hothouse 23, Oscar parties, shrill effeminate voice, Side Effects, solo sex act, weather panic
12/21/2012 00:00 Ben Gay has gathered all of the DahlCast puppets in the studio to record a special Christmas gift for Steve. Steve Dahl, Anthony, Satan, Brendan Greeley, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Tommy Skillethead, Dag Juhlin, Australian Drunk, Drew, Erica Drogoszewski Ben Gay, Merry Christmas, Mr. Travolta, Paul Steve, Russian Man
10/30/2012 00:00 As we take a look at the aftermath of Sandy, we turn to the expert analysis of Tommy Skillethead. The trouble is, he's recovering from a night of Jagermeister-fueled hijinks with his new flatmates. He muttered something about 400-foot waves before he signed off to continue the party. Steve and Janet unearth some funny stories about candy bars, Halloween, and, er, uh, a drunken Steve who may or may not have waved a large knife around, for some reason. We also chat with our friend Tami Sagher, as she ponders the fate of this weekend's New York City Marathon. The weather outside is cold and wet, but the humor on The Steve Dahl Show is dry and warm (for the most part), so join us in the safety of the basement. All you have to do is SUBSCRIBE. Oh, yeah... and Billy Bush is an idiot. Steve Dahl, Tami Sagher, Halloween, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Tommy Skillethead, Janet Joliat Dahl, New York City, Hurricane Sandy, Al Roker, Baby Ruth candy bars, Billy Bush, Jagermeister, New York City Marathon, online shoe purchases
07/07/2012 00:00 We at the DahlCast hope you are enjoying your weekend and have survived this heat. To help kick your Saturday off to a great start, here’s a Descent into the Dahl Archives featuring bits from Steve & Garry from ’87-’91. Today we get a combination of puppets and people. Anthony, Tommy Skillethead, Charo and Albert Brooks all make appearances…you have to listen to figure out who’s real and who’s not. We also are reminded that Steve’s “love” for morning zoo types has always been a hot topic. Cool off, let it all hang out and laugh your ass off with this Descent into the Dahl Archives. Steve Dahl, Garry Meier, Anthony, Tommy Skillethead, Charo, Marco Polo, Sadam
Results: 7 Episodes Found