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06/16/2017 01:02:23 Steve recalls a time when he failed to record an interview & peels back the curtain on some podcast production. Brendan shares a sad cat story which inspires Steve to pitch an Animal Planet show. An email compliments Dag and Brendan on a radio show bit! Tom Thayer, Slurpin those oysters, Portillo’s Lemon Cake, DNA Info, The Whiter’s Guild, Pet column, Faint smell of urine, Two legged cat
04/25/2017 01:43:03 Back before there was a WLS-AM890 radio show, Steve, Dag and Brendan slaved away at the podcast in Steve's basement lair. Today's episode is from April 30, 2012, Dag's first official day as a member of the Dahlcast team! Enjoy! Tom Thayer, NFL draft, Jeff Joniak, public urination, ACL injury, Derek Rose, forest preserve, Naperville Police
08/10/2016 01:12:30 Dreams really do come true! Steve finally got to meet the lovely Kathy Brock. Now, he is officially ready for the big move. A moment from Dag's past came full circle last night and the guys share the 21 things men should never do on a first date, enjoy! Tom Thayer, moving, Beer Party, Kathy Brock, Puerta Vallarta, Herman's Hermits, Rock Island, Brendan Greeley Academy
06/29/2016 01:37:16 Shark week continues on the SDN! It's '92 and Steve & Garry are at the Maui Intercontinental Resort. Steve heard whales on his morning dive. Tom Thayer stops by. Talking with trip winners and The Dahl boys try to open their own bar in the hotel room. Kevin Matthews, Tom Thayer, whales, Maui, Maui Intercontinental Resort, the Dahl Boys, hotel room, radio disease
07/28/2014 00:00

Travis T. Hipp and Dick Buttkick join Steve in studio today and Tom Thayer's reaction to Travis is priceless. Steve is not too sure how he feels about the entire thing, but Travis prevails upon him to keep him around. A great way to start off the week!

Tom Thayer, Greg Maddux, Hall of Fame, MLB, Bears training camp, Frank Thomas, Dick Buttkick, WDAI, Travis T. Hipp, Late Night helium Comedy
01/27/2014 00:00

Lorde, what a Grammy Awards it was last night.  Steve doesn't know how "Get Lucky" escaped him this summer.  He really liked the Daft Punk robots and Pharrell's performance.  Tom Thayer joins the Dahlcast to talk cold-weather Super Bowl preparation.

Tom Thayer, Lorde, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mike Ditka, Daft Punk, Get Lucky, Pharrell Williams, The Grammys, Pope blood, peace doves
01/20/2014 00:00

Richard Sherman is a man of intensity, as we saw during his post game interview with Erin Andrews.  Jim Harbaugh is also fiery, but he doesn't always cite his quotations.  Tom Thayer breaks down the AFC and NFC championship games on today's show.  Also, Steve checks his sizzurp supply and avoids Miami Beach party chicks.  Subscribe to the network and get a month free!!

peyton manning, Tom Thayer, Florida, Drake, Jay Leno, Richard Sherman, Erin Andrews, Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea, sizzurp, Office Max
01/13/2014 00:00

Little Henry Dahl makes a special announcement on today's Dahlcast concerning the gender of his future sibling.  Also, Tom Thayer breaks down the NFL playoffs, Grant Achatz wonders about kids at Alinea and Pope Francis encourages breastfeeding at the Sistine Chapel.  Sign up now and get a month free!!

Henry Dahl, Tom Thayer, Golden Globes, Pope Francis, L.Woods, Sistine Chapel, baby announcement, breastfeeding, Colin Kaepernick
01/06/2014 00:00

I'm solo again because the Interceptor crapped out on Brendan in the sub-zero cold weather today. Tom Thayer and I talk sunset photos, I blow the lid off of WGN.FM for David Hochberg and Janet brings a photo album of old boyfriends down to the studio.

Tom Thayer, Janet Dahl, David Hochberg, WGN FM, American Eagle, Chicago cold weather
12/30/2013 00:00

...And with a flick of Aaron Rodgers' wrist, the Bears' season was over.  Tom Thayer relives a memorable Soldier Field battle from his vantage point, yet spreads hope for the future.  Steve learns the secret to sports radio and deems this Christmas season his most well-behaved ever.  Subscribe to the network and hear it all!!

Jay Cutler, Aaron Rodgers, Chris Conte, Tom Thayer, Anderson Silva, Stevie Nicks, Selena Gomez, holidays, Dan Hampton, Michael Schumacher, Randall Cobb, Robin Roberts, Vanessa Carlton
Results: 149 Episodes Found