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10/16/2013 00:00

Steve was up all night making a Guacamole Wednesday show open, with mixed results. David Hochberg calls in and Steve actually renders him speechless. Brendan Frijole Joe and Steve think they will start shooting Krokodil and go out as lizards for Halloween. Joe got to the house late, but Steve felt it was worth it because of the still warm churros he's brought. Speaking of addicting things, Oreos are as addicting as cocaine. Steve already knew that. All this and more on today's Steve Dahl Show.

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10/14/2013 00:00 Tom Thayer enjoyed his Bears football-free Sunday, and was able to give us a league-wide report. He also said he would straighten out Congress (if necessary) when he gets to D.C. Steve and Henry hung out w/Stanley and hit up D'Noche in Logan Square Sunday too. Brendan got very excited about the Boston games (football and baseball) and wondered who would get seated first: Brady or Ortiz. A Chicago guy killed his best friend over a pot plant, and the Little Guys appearance was a big success. All this and more on today's DahlCast. Jay Cutler, Steve Dahl, Chicago Bears, Chicago Marathon, Tom Thayer, Red Sox, Logan Square, Kristin Cavallari, Jennifer Hudson, Jon Bostic, Tom Brady, Big Papi, David Ortiz, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Stanley Cup, Boston, Tigers, dry ice, Dusty Baker, Jimmy Webb, WCIU, Steve Bartman, Abbey Pub, Alex Gonzalez, Chicago film Festival, Chris Werner, City Winery Chicago, D'Noche, dry ice bomb, George Tillman Jr., Kenyans, Moises Alou, Pat Looney, Robert Teitel, The Inevitable Defeat Of Mr. And Pete, ToonTown
10/01/2013 00:00 The Dahlcast is essential, therefore it will not be shut down during this government fiasco.  Steve's new generator guy, Paul from M Power, is in studio to ensure there will be no power loss and no Sonny Bono ghosts messing around.  Also: Janet's tomato sauce issues.  Sign up now for our 30-day free trial Steve Dahl, Elton John, Italian food, Ask Janet, TMZ, Brendan Greeley, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, government shutdown, Cher, Obamacare, ghosts, Back of the Yards, spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, ABCs, Craig's, forest rangers, Hanson, LaSalle County, Mmm bop, Paul from MPower, preggo, Prego, Sonny Bono, strip search, tomato sauce, Torrey Smith, US Capitol tour, Zac Hanson
09/30/2013 00:00

Sure, the government is on the brink of shutdown, the Bears lost and scientists think the Earth will die within 2 billion years, but don't let that get you down.  Steve has an Oktoberfest party wrap up and a Tom Thayer chat that'll cheer you up.  Subscribe to the Dahlcast and get a free month!


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09/27/2013 00:00 It's Friday and it's football season. That means a visit from Jeff Joniak. Steve and Jeff share their dislike of Lions coach Jim Schwartz. Buzz Kilman, also a Friday regular, pitches "Hit And Miss" on Netflix, and somehow Steve acts like he's never heard the pitch before. Is it possible that both of these old men actually forget that they talk about the same damned show every week? You be the Judge. Buzz also reveals his secret for staying in shape, and Steve has a few for getting out of shape. So there's that too.  Subscribe now and get a free month! Steve Dahl, Chicago Bears, Buzz Kilman, The Little Guys, Jeff Joniak, Detroit Lions, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Steelers, Breaking Bad, Netflix, Pittsburgh, Disney World, Disneyland, Hit and Miss, Jim Schwartz, Johnny B, Lafayette Coney Island, Low Winter Sun, Panasonic, Primanti Bros.
09/25/2013 00:00 A bear walks into a bar… no that's not the setup to a joke, it's an actual news story from Brendan. There's also some discussion as to whether or not African American women ever have pink nipples. Nicki Minaj certainly doesn’t. Ed Farmer checks in, and Steve admits he hasn't been to a White Sox game yet this year. Ed tells a story about the 2005 White Sox, and how he used a favor from George W. to get the hell out of Cleveland. There's also talk of a Floridiot crank waver (which is not a legal term).  Subscribe to the Dahlcast and get a free month! Steve Dahl, Chicago Fire, Florida, Floridiots, Ted Cruz, Nicki Minaj, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, The Goldbergs, Chicago White Sox, nip slip, Jeff Garlin, Shark Tank, nipples, Ed Farmer, ABC 20/20, bad neighbors, CBS 2 Chicago, Dads, Florida news, George H. Bush, George W. Bush
09/24/2013 00:00 On Today’s Steve Dahl Show, Steve wants a monkey, but just for show purposes. On “Ask Janet” a dead chipmunk berates both Steve and Janet on the level of chemicals in their pool, a beating he took with a skimmer pole, and his subsequent death. There is also a very frank, yet pointless discussion of how to properly transport a pizza in your vehicle, following the Nate Burleson tragedy up in Detroit. Fat people at Disneyland take some heat too!  Subscribe and listen!  First month is free!   Steve Dahl, Chicago Bears, Janet Dahl, Ask Janet, Miley Cyrus, PETA, Detroit Lions, Dodgers, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Pizza, Disneyland, anti-social, Blake Griffin, braces, Brynn Cameron, Diamondbacks, Drew Barrymore, Grand Theft Auto V, Hugh Hefner, Jacoby Jones, Jordan Cameron, Little Caesar’s, Lovelace, Matt Leinart, monkey, Nate Burleson, old school porn, pee in pool, sit on your balls, strippers, Sweet Pea, twerking
09/23/2013 00:00 Steve creates the next TV vehicle for Brian Cranston on today’s DahlCast. Steve and Pat Dahl went car shopping over he weekend (for Pat). Pat doesn’t want a minivan, but Steve finds a good reason for him to get one that involves in-car sex on the Ike. Henry comes up with Steve’s Grandfather name and it’s a good one. Tom Thayer and Steve discuss their mutual hatred of Jim Schwartz. All on Monday’s Show!  Subscribe today and get a free month! Steve Dahl, Chicago Bears, Tom Thayer, Bears, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Breaking Bad, sex, Brian Cranston, Chevy, Hyundai, Mazda, sex in the car, sex on the Ike, Toyota
09/20/2013 00:00

Jeff Joniak is on the line to talk Bears football and the Martellus Bennett experience.  The Bears tight end made headlines when he compared Marc Trestman to Willy Wonka (not the Johnny Depp version - Martellus was clear about that.)  Bennett scored himself a gig alongside Dahlcast buddy Laurence Holmes.  Also today: Rahmbo's heroism gets him an upgrade and cutting your wedding balls.  Subscribe to the Dahlcast now and get a free month!

Steve Dahl, Marc Trestman, Devin Hester, Rahm Emanuel, Julius Peppers, Martellus Bennett, Bears, Jeff Joniak, Mount Carmel, Willy Wonka, Silver Linings Playbook, Dodgers, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Steelers, Back of the Yards, Pittsburgh, Cory Booker, Diamondbacks, pool, Johnny Depp, shooting, Yasiel Puig, 13 people shot, Andy Reid, Big Ben, Brandon McCarthy, Brian Dawkins, Chase Field, Derrick Hall, Donovan McNabb, Eagles fans, Gene WIlder, House of Representatives, hyperventilating, Nick Punto, NL West Champions, Philly
09/19/2013 00:00

On this star-studded Steve Dahl Show, Steve welcomes his showbiz soulmate Joe Walsh, in town for an Eagles (note:, no "The") show. Then, Bob Odenkirk visits the studio to talk about Saul Goodman, Breaking Bad, and Steve's influence on Bob's radio career. Bob tries on an important Dahl artifact and joins Steve in eating on the air.

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Results: 253 Episodes Found