The Bolge

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07/14/2017 01:08:59 Steve and Dag bring in Donnie to sit in while Brendan is gone. Steve takes some calls from listeners, and his headache medicine shipment gets delayed. The guys eventually get to talk to Brendan, who was out golfing before a friend's rehearsal wedding. Guitar, The Bolge, Panties, Meathead, Glue Guy, Electric Fence, Festus Kleppin, Dairy Before the Show
02/11/2016 01:07:42 Janet joins us on today's podcast for some "Ask Janet" - Brendan gets a little too excited at Mallory's mini wedding shower & is forced to teach the impressive syllabus at the Brendan Greeley Academy. In addition, "Steve & Gary Scumbag Worming Idiots!!!" Ask Janet, Pizza, in-laws, The Bolge, Wedding Shower, Bubbly, Cabaret, Mouse trap
01/20/2016 01:23:15 The guys take some calls & Dag shares his Chicago Springsteen concert experience. Steve shares Florida escapades & a brief Bolge interaction - Plus Apple vs. Best Buy & Chicago botanical gardens. Dag's tooth cracks & Steve dream's of the "Brain Cloud" Bruce Springsteen, Apple, The Bolge, Botanical Gardens, Brain Cloud, Best buy, Spike, Aerosmith
Results: 3 Episodes Found


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