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06/04/2013 00:00

Ask Janet takes center stage on today’s Dahlcast. It’s Mike Dahl’s birthday and Steve’s fifth Twitter b-day. Janet reflects on both. Steve also recalls his days at the L.A. Forum for Who shows and poorly attended Kings games.

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09/24/2012 00:00 Steve is back from L.A. and is ready to start off another week of uncensored podcasting from his basement. He’s had enough of Hollywood, air travel and burritos. But can never get enough of letting his life play out in front of all of our hard-working subscribers. Tom Thayer joins us to recount the game our Bears played yesterday against the Rams, who used to be out of L.A. Actually Tom may want to join Steve out in “La-La” land for some sand, surf and sun. The best Hollywood writers couldn’t have scripted the tales of Steve, his dad and Dino Stamatopoulos eating burritos. Even HIMYM writer, Tami Sagher, would need some help penning tales of a poor therapist and two very vocal Dahl men. A not-yet-ready for Hollywood Indiana filmmaker makes our “Indiana Loosier” hall-of-fame, and a story that could have been torn from the pages of a Hollywood thriller entertains us, with the help of Brendan’s Polish accent. Join us today, and everyday, for more tales of drama, comedy and intrigue. Our ideas are fresher than Hollywood’s and at $9.95/month we’re a whole lot cheaper than one Hollywood “blockbuster”. Subscribe now! Indiana, Roger Dahl, Steve Dahl, Chicago Bears, Tom Thayer, Monday Night Football, chili, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, burritos, nicknames, Siri, Dino Stamatopoulos, Adam Corolla, Ace, Bobby's Place, creepy rituals, licking knees, Polish priest, self pleasure phone movies, unfortunate photographs, whipped dessert topping
05/25/2012 00:00 They say comedy is best done in 3s. Well, we certainly prove that on the DahlCast today. To try to summarize this show would be insulting to the fine men that joined us today. What more can you say, other than we had Bob Saget, Dino Stamatopoulos and Buzz Kilman on ONE show. Just look at the length of it, it’s gigantic (that’s what she said). We, at the DahlCast studios, are exhausted and our faces hurt from laughter. We hope you enjoy this triple-shot of Dahl caffeine. It should really keep your Friday moving right along. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, everyone! Steve Dahl, dogs, Siri, Dino Stamatopoulos, duct tape, vodka, Starburns, Buzz Killman, iPhone, beef jerky, Bob Saget, crickets, dungeon, escorts, John Stamos, lizard, Malkovich, school locker, Starbeat dictaphone
05/14/2012 00:00 Things that will be seen, heard and done around the Dahl House this week: • Updates on the Best Gift Bags outside of the Oscars, which Brendan is dying to get his hands on this weekend • Roger Dahl gracing the DahlCast studios and the house with his patriarchal presence • Dag and Brendan seen whooping and hollering as Steve practices his golf, much to the dismay of Tom Thayer • Steve riding around the suburbs with a sweet bike, fully furnished with a Goal Light for safety (something has to scare away those creepy dudes in the forest preserve parking lots) • Steve heard teaching every member of Janet’s family how to pronounce “Dag” correctly • Demi Lovato playing from the house speakers, just to get everyone in a peppy, auto-tune kind of mood • Dag drumming up an audience for his future gigs at the local carpet store with Expo‘76 • Lots of time spent watching talent shows…there are like a thousand of them on these days • Steve sending Janet to the Family Dollar store, on the Bobcat from the construction crew next door, to finish getting what she needs for the wedding • Many other great stories and situations for the DahlCast – subscribe now and don’t miss a moment of “Wedding Week 2012”. Steve Dahl, Tom Thayer, Florida, Janet Dahl, wedding, golf, Siri, home repair, forest preserves, bike rides, Carole King, Dag Kittlaus, Demi Lovato, disorganized tools, Rascal Flatts, sobriety and bad lying
05/07/2012 00:00 Dag…you’re our hero! We open the show today describing the technical issues on Friday and how Dag stayed cool, calm and collected and got that show out there for your subscribers. It was quite the day, for sure. Tom Thayer is back in Hawaii and ready to greet the throngs of honeymooners coming to the islands, including Matt Dahl and his bride in a couple of weeks. He will be giving tours and teaching everyone what a “Good Morning” entails. Dag saves the day with a perfect cell phone ring during a great story with Tom. (man, this guy is always around when you need him) Speaking of weddings, Dag and band, Expo 76, are ready to play your wedding and can offer you something a little more alternative. Although, the Dahls may need a little traditional “Celebration”(Rah-hoo!) to get through the next 2 weeks, as wedding fever heats up here at the house. Thankfully, our hero Dag has written an awesome theme song for our new “Ask Janet” segment, that has really brightened everyone’s mood. Watch out Steve…Dag is really becoming a favorite around here! Steve Dahl, Chicago Bears, Tom Thayer, Janet Dahl, sex, Expo'76, Siri, oral sex, ukelele, organic mushroom risotto, suspending children over balconies, Ted Nugent, wedding bands
10/25/2011 00:00 Tuesday on the DahlCast we talked about the upcoming Monday Night FootDahl Halloween party and whether or not I should wear a costume. Tom Thayer called in, fresh off his trip to London with the Bears. Tom talked about the game and what he did while he was across the pond. We checked out a little bit of the Theo Epstein press conference. Then Ed Farmer called in to talk about the Tony LaRussa/bullpen incident last night. chicago cubs, Steve Dahl, Chicago Bears, Theo Epstein, Tom Thayer, Tony LaRussa, Halloween, World Series, Ed Farmer, London, Siri, Monday Night FootDahl, 888-GOB-HOMO, Herman Cain, iPhone 4s, Tsunami debris
10/19/2011 21:49 Wednesday on the DahlCast Janet came down to cure Pete's dry cough. She also apologized for spreading the word about my illness on the Janternet. I played around with my new iPhone and the Siri app. Then we checked in with Keith Van Horne about what he's been up to. Frank Sennett called in to talk about Time Out Chicago's annual sex issue, which hits newsstands tomorrow. Steve Dahl, Groupon, Janet Dahl, Keith Van Horne, Frank Sennett, Robert Feder, Time Out Chicago, Siri, 888-GOB-HOMO, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, iPhone 4s, Republican Debate
10/18/2011 21:51 Tuesday on the DahlCast I cleared the air about my recent medical problems in order to reassure both the staff and listeners. I talked to Ed Silha about a few technical things with my new iPhone and also about some new things happening with the DahlCast. I read an article about the arrest of Denver Broncos' defensive tackle Ryan McBean. Then I checked out a CNN story about a missing 10-month-old. Steve Dahl, Janet Dahl, Ed Silha, Check Please, Siri, Windy City Live, 888-GOB-HOMO, Two and a Half Men, iPhone 4s, iCloud, Ryan McBean
Results: 8 Episodes Found