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05/15/2018 01:00:01 Steve is sick from playing in the rain last night. Brendan diagnoses Rosie Dahl with rage syndrome. Subscriber Mark has good news about Steve's lost wedding ring! Dag and Brendan dive deep into world of sex toys. Bono, sex, ring, masturbation, sick, toys, Rosie Dahl, storm
10/04/2017 01:03:05 Steve is happy his work commute's getting shorter. Steve keeps working his Trump impression & Brendan wants in on the action! Frijole Joe brings tacos for everyone & reminds Steve of an old radio bit. Plus a caller tries to solve Steve's storage problem! sex, Unwavering stare, National Taco Day, T shirt gun, Vegas fuck party, Lies & Videotape, Dahl 4 Kids, Diarrhea house
09/30/2013 00:00

Sure, the government is on the brink of shutdown, the Bears lost and scientists think the Earth will die within 2 billion years, but don't let that get you down.  Steve has an Oktoberfest party wrap up and a Tom Thayer chat that'll cheer you up.  Subscribe to the Dahlcast and get a free month!


Homeland, Jay Cutler, Steve Dahl, Marc Trestman, Tom Thayer, Lions, Bears, Tom Dart, Detroit, box office, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, government shutdown, Obamacare, Breaking Bad, sex, voicemails, loss, 60 Minutes, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, narrow wine glasses, pool float, Reggie Bush, Romeo Rose, Sling Blade
09/23/2013 00:00 Steve creates the next TV vehicle for Brian Cranston on today’s DahlCast. Steve and Pat Dahl went car shopping over he weekend (for Pat). Pat doesn’t want a minivan, but Steve finds a good reason for him to get one that involves in-car sex on the Ike. Henry comes up with Steve’s Grandfather name and it’s a good one. Tom Thayer and Steve discuss their mutual hatred of Jim Schwartz. All on Monday’s Show!  Subscribe today and get a free month! Steve Dahl, Chicago Bears, Tom Thayer, Bears, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Breaking Bad, sex, Brian Cranston, Chevy, Hyundai, Mazda, sex in the car, sex on the Ike, Toyota
07/15/2013 00:00

Steve and the family hit up Michigan this weekend for fun with axes, T-shirts, burgers and pizza. Henry and Steve both had cranky moments, however.  Steve also watched complete coverage of the George Zimmerman verdict and one network actually missed the “Not Guilty” announcement. Also today, reaction to Cory Monteith’s death and a chat with Tom Thayer.  

Steve Dahl, Tom Thayer, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, McDonald's, knife, sex, Michigan, foreplay, golf, Apple TV, gun, Egg McMuffin, Direct TV, dish, egg whites, eggs with ketchup, fitness, following through, friendship, golfing, leaving a party, Marshall Brodien, plans, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, TV magic, Wii
05/15/2013 00:00

Alpana Singh is on today’s Dahlcast.  She considers Steve one of the best “Check Please” guests of all time, right up there with Barack Obama.  The show also features a soccer tragedy, Satanic light rock and honeymoon prostitution.

Steve Dahl, Seattle, Florida, Brazil, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, sex, honeymoon, Park West, Alpana Singh, The Boarding House Restaurant, Christian heavy metal, prostitution, Satanic light rock, soccer ball dribbling, World Cup
10/25/2012 00:00 Life is full of surprises - you just never know when a shark is going to drop out of the sky and ruin your golf game. Speaking of drop-ins of the welcome kind, our pal Laurence Holmes (who's kicking ass on NBC-5, by the way) drops in to talk Bears, Jessie Jackson Jr., and more. Steve also attempts to get behind the meaning of some Taylor Swift lyrics, but decides it would probably be easier to try and clear 300 birds out of a townhouse. By the way, we're still looking for an elderly, low-maintenance talking parakeet with some good stories to tell, to be part of the show. Then, there's the surprising story of the guy who got off by showing his private parts to the Florida Police. Listen to toady's show and learn how he pulled that little trick. Lots of laughs on today's show, but that should come as no surprise. Jay Cutler, Steve Dahl, Chicago Bears, Laurence Holmes, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, sex, golf, Floridiot, masturbation, sharks, NBC5, gay rumors, 300 birds, Aurora man, Jessica Simpson's parents, rash scratching, sharks dropped by birds, Taylor Swift lyrics, turn signals
07/30/2012 00:00 Welcome to Monday at the DahlCast studios. Today we take you around the world and explore all kinds of hijinx and tomfoolery from across our large planet. Inspired by the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, Steve really got into the parade of nations and stories about the Olympics this weekend. While he may not be into some of the more unusual events (archery and ping pong?) he is certainly keeping a close eye on the stories coming out of London. Tomfoolery can happen even here in Illinois. Tom Thayer joins us to discuss the Bears and their training camp so far. Bourbonnais seems to be full of talent this year, however, they are a little short on the TV sets. So DJ Moore found a way to keep his room fitted with the “Tom Thayer Training Channel” for the duration of camp. Just like Bob Costas ripping on Mongolia, a certain Florida restaurant owner has gotten a lot of flack for, allegedly, selling rats in place of chicken at his restaurant. Thanks to the magnificent stylings of our own Dag Juhlin, we get to hear the owner’s take on the situation first hand. Spoiler Alert: We feature a really creepy Floridiot on the show today. Puppets and pornography should never be in the same sentence and we may have just found the line that even Steve Dahl won’t cross. We cleanse our palates by travelling back across the pond where an elderly Swede has gotten into some serious trouble for getting too cozy with a sheep or two. Ewe, is all we have to say. Whether you’re a subscriber in London, Sweden, Switzerland, Bourbonnais or Florida, today’s show will take you on an international tour of laughter and idiocy. Not a subscriber? Sign up HERE to get your ticket to worldwide fun. Steve Dahl, Tom Thayer, Bears training camp, Florida, volleyball, sex, Sweden, sheep, archery, Bakersfield, cannibalism, DJ Moore, free television, loose boots, Olympic events, Olympic opening ceremony, ping pong, Puppets Plus
05/07/2012 00:00 Dag…you’re our hero! We open the show today describing the technical issues on Friday and how Dag stayed cool, calm and collected and got that show out there for your subscribers. It was quite the day, for sure. Tom Thayer is back in Hawaii and ready to greet the throngs of honeymooners coming to the islands, including Matt Dahl and his bride in a couple of weeks. He will be giving tours and teaching everyone what a “Good Morning” entails. Dag saves the day with a perfect cell phone ring during a great story with Tom. (man, this guy is always around when you need him) Speaking of weddings, Dag and band, Expo 76, are ready to play your wedding and can offer you something a little more alternative. Although, the Dahls may need a little traditional “Celebration”(Rah-hoo!) to get through the next 2 weeks, as wedding fever heats up here at the house. Thankfully, our hero Dag has written an awesome theme song for our new “Ask Janet” segment, that has really brightened everyone’s mood. Watch out Steve…Dag is really becoming a favorite around here! Steve Dahl, Chicago Bears, Tom Thayer, Janet Dahl, sex, Expo'76, Siri, oral sex, ukelele, organic mushroom risotto, suspending children over balconies, Ted Nugent, wedding bands
Results: 9 Episodes Found