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07/19/2016 01:08:53 Grab your books and take your seat, it's time for a DahlCast lesson with Singing Brendan! Steve recalls his very first nacho, an old story about Roger Dahl and perhaps karma is the reason Steve is currently tortured by backyard squirrels. Stay cool! Roger Dahl, yacht club, karma, Mexican Village, state of the art, precision wiring, liquid cheese, singing brendan
10/30/2015 31:35

A very special and spooky DahlCast for you today! Be prepared to be shocked, skeptical, a believer, then skeptical again as the guys meet with intuitive psychic medium Susan Rowlen and reach out to lost coworkers and loved ones on this Halloween special!

Roger Dahl, Larry Lujack, intuitive pshycic medium, conjure, Marcus, Brendan's softball game, Susan Rowlen, skeptical
10/03/2014 00:00

Steve's dad passed away early this morning.  Janet thought it best that Steve do a show today in the name of closure. They felt subscribers deserved inclusion in today's emotions and thank everyone for the support and kind words. 

Roger Dahl, Hospice nurses, boxes of pictures, urn, Chicago gets 2015 NFL draft, Francis Slay, Steve Howey, Bethenny Frankel
12/04/2013 00:00

Today's show got off to a late start.  Steve took his dad over to the hospital for a scan this morning.  Luckily, everything checked out OK.  Although, Steve didn't mesh well with hospital staff.  Hear why...subscribe now and get a free trial membership!

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12/03/2013 00:00

Frank Sennett of guests on today's Dahlcast to preview the upcoming Ebert documentary from the maker of "Hoop Dreams".  Steve has read about it and anticipates the film's premiere.  Steve had quite the awkward morning, as back pain left his dad unable to get out of bed.  Nursemaid Steve found himself filling the uncomfortable roles of physical therapist and urologist.  Subscribe now and hear all of that plus plenty more! 

Roger Dahl, Steve Dahl, Joe Biden, Alabama, Pat Quinn, Roger Ebert, Frank Sennett, The Steve Dahl Network, Paul Walker, movie reviews, pension reform, massage, A.J. Pierzynski, Auburn, documentary, grapefruit juice, Hoop Dreams, Mike Madigan, physical therapy, Shabazz Napier, treadmill, University of Florida basketball, Yi Jinping
11/27/2013 00:00

It's a Thanksgiving spectacular on today's Dahlcast!  Daniel Van Kirk and Frijole Joe are in studio and Jimmy Pardo joins us on the phone.  Steve picked his dad up at O'Hare yesterday around the time DVK landed at Midway.  Daniel can't believe Brendan stood him up for a drink last night and Steve has some questions about the Fireball girls.  Subscribe to the network today!  1st month is free! 

Roger Dahl, Steve Dahl, Kris Jenner, Greg Maddux, Frank Thomas, Jimmy Pardo, Daniel Van Kirk, Frijole Joe, Kanye West, The Steve Dahl Network, airport, Derrick Rose, Lou Malnati's, Chicago pizza, Brazil, Adidas, Bachelor, Ben Flajnik, Giordano's, helper dog, Midway, O'Hare, Sriracha, Tom Glavine, Wolrd Cup
11/12/2013 00:00 Willis Tower is officially shorter than One World Trade Center will be upon its completion.  This decision does not affect Steve's lack of interest in visiting the Willis (Sears).  He does have some fond, yet hazy, memories of his days at the Billy Goat.  The legendary tavern will be temporarily displaced, whatever that means. Also on today's show, an arranged date for Roger Dahl that leaves Steve concerned.  Subscribe to the Dahlcast and get 30 days free! Roger Dahl, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, L.Woods, The Steve Dahl Network, United Center, turkey, One World Trade Center, Willis Tower, Ventra, Russell Crowe, Kentucky, Marc Bernard, Duke, Billy Goat Tavern, George Clooney, Andrew Wiggins, Home Depot, Jabari Parker, Judas, Kansas Jayhawks, Maple Jordan, Mark Aguirre, Michigan State, the Messiah, World War Z
10/28/2013 00:00

A happy birthday call to Roger Dahl kicks off today's Dahlcast.  Steve's dad hits big number 85.  Tom Thayer is also on the line to break down that Megatron performance in the Lions' comeback over the Cowboys.  Also: Julianne Hough's offensive Halloween costume and a tribute to the late Lou Reed.  Subscribe today and get 30 days free!

Roger Dahl, Steve Dahl, Justin Bieber, Tom Thayer, Orange Is The New Black, Red Sox, Chris Brown, The Steve Dahl Network, dogs, Birthday, Calvin Johnson, Matthew Stafford, Halloween, Lou Reed, World Series, babies, cardinals, Dez Bryant, Edna Krabappel, hookah, interference call, Julianne Hough, Marcia Wallace, Ron Kwasman, sub shop, Wrigleyville fire
09/10/2013 00:00

If you know what teak is, than you’ve got a head start on today’s Dahlcast. Steve also knew what teak is, to his dad’s surprise. A full recap of last night’s late night attention battles: Rahm on Letterman, Kimmel’s prank, Fallon’s surprise guest and Arsenio’s debut. Plus, enjoy a no holds barred game of “Ask Janet”.

Roger Dahl, Steve Dahl, Rick's Burritos, Hertz, The Hat, pastrami, David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, Ask Janet, Kanye West, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Jimmy Kimmel, jewelry, Janet Joliat Dahl, marriage, flowers, Arsenio Hall, boats, underpants, power washing, prank, accountants, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, elementary school, Hertz Donut, hills, home prices, Real Estate, teak, twerk video, wood
09/09/2013 00:00

Steve begins today’s show via Skype as a few technical kinks are worked out.  Eventually he finds his way back to the main line for a Bears recap with Tom Thayer. Also, hear about Steve’s weekend of adventures with Roger Dahl.  Everything from boating to burritos, only on today’s Dahlcast. 

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Results: 50 Episodes Found