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04/24/2014 00:00

Students of broadcast must listen to Steve Dahl & Roe Conn expose the cracks in the radio industry's foundation. Steve & Roe pull no punches during today's candid discussion about radio's past, present and uncertain future. Buckle up & enjoy the ride.

Roe Conn, Patrick Kane, Garry Meier, WLS, WGN, Richard Roeper, The Loop, Michael Savage, electronic cigarettes
12/14/2011 00:00 Wednesday on the DahlCast Pete filled us in on Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating People list. I recapped my afternoon filling in for Richard Roeper at WLS. Brendan relayed a Marie Osmond celebrity sighting story. I talked to Time Out Chicago's Frank Sennett about the prison Blago will be at in Colorado. I read through the prison's manual. Steve Dahl, Roe Conn, WLS, Richard Roeper, Simon Cowell, Barbara Walters, Frank Sennett, Pippa Middleton, Rod Blagojevich, Time Out Chicago, 888-GOB-HOMO, Harry Teinowitz, Most Fascinating People
12/05/2011 14:59 Monday on the DahlCast we talked about the Santo hall of fame induction and the Minnie Minoso snub. I briefly recapped my busy weekend with various sporting events and family activities. Then I talked to Tom Thayer about yesterday's horrible Bears game. Jim recapped his first-ever Bears game. Then I heard about Mary and Pete's action-packed trip to Horseshoe Casino last Friday. Steve Dahl, Chicago Bears, Roe Conn, Tom Thayer, Hall of Fame, WLS, Richard Roeper, Tim Tebow, 888-GOB-HOMO, Ron Santo, Minnie Minoso, Ndamukong Suh, Caleb Hanie
11/15/2011 03:04 On Tuesday's DahlCast Pete ruined my gift of honey from Mary's mom by revealing he got his own jar as well. I listened to some of Bob Costas' interview with Jerry Sandusky. Then Roe Conn dialed in to talk about what it's like to still work in radio. We settled a debate about ankle socks for men. Then I talked about  my golf outing yesterday afternoon. Steve Dahl, Roe Conn, WLS, Richard Roeper, Rush Limbaugh, Bob Costas, Drew Hayes, golf, Jerry Sandusky, 888-GOB-HOMO, Today, Penn State, Glenn Beck, Herman Cain
11/09/2011 01:55 Wednesday on the DahlCast I talked to Brendan about the death of Heavy D. Then I recapped my afternoon at WLS filling in for Richard Roeper. I also addressed my connection to Sharon Bialek. Then I played a tape featuring Bialek from a 2006 broadcast. Finally we talked to Mark Roberts, creator of Mike & Molly, about the inspiration for the show. Jay Cutler, Steve Dahl, Justin Bieber, Roe Conn, WLS, Richard Roeper, 888-GOB-HOMO, Kristen Cavallari, Two and a Half Men, Herman Cain, NBA Lockout, Sharon Bialek, Joe Frazier, Chuck Lorre, Heavy D, Mark Roberts, Melissa McCarthy, Mike and Molly, Mike North
08/11/2011 22:01 Today on the DahlCast I recalled my bad family trip to Wisconsin Dells with a 4-month-old Pat Dahl. Then Janet called to remind me of some other high points from the trip. I recapped my second day filling in for Richard Roeper on WLS. Then I talked to Amanda Puck about her weekend plans. Pete shared his very odd thoughts on Shaquille O'Neal and his new petite girlfriend. Then I read about a public urination incident on a JetBlue flight. chicago cubs, Steve Dahl, Roe Conn, WLS, Richard Roeper, CNN, Shaquille O'Neal, Today Show, 888-GOB-HOMO, JetBlue, Amanda Puck, Aruba, Ali Velshi, Fred Imus, Glamarama, Ron Santo statue, Vanessa Black
08/09/2011 40:49 On Tuesday's DahlCast I tried to get to the bottom of what caused my shoulder injury. Then I  debated my transportation options for a trip down to the WLS studios. Frank Sennett called in to talk about last night's canceled Time Out/CHIRP softball game, which was rescheduled for next Tuesday. I talked to Keith Van Horne about the season premiere of The Bachelor Pad. Then comedian Jim Gaffigan called in to talk about his upcoming show at The Venue at Horseshoe Casino. Steve Dahl, Chicago Bears, Roe Conn, WLS, Richard Roeper, Keith Van Horne, Frank Sennett, Time Out Chicago, softball, The Bachelor Pad, 888-GOB-HOMO, Rob Feder, CHIRP, Gayle Sayers, Jim Gaffigan, Master Chef
07/20/2011 50:28 Brendan brought in some breaking news about R. Kelly's health crisis. He's very concerned. 

Then I recapped my afternoon on WLS with Roe Conn. I also read an article about the new Q101 format tweaking Fresh FM. 

I detailed my struggles to find parking at the WLS studios yesterday. Then I played some unscreened phone calls that seemed like they were prescreened. Steve Dahl, Roe Conn, Richard Roeper, R. Kelly, Q101, Jim Peterik, 888-GOB-HOMO, Harry Teinowitz, Ron Magers, ZipCar
Results: 8 Episodes Found