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02/14/2013 00:00 The 14th of February is a special day in Dahlcastland.  Steve won’t be participating in a couples massage, but there are others we read about that had some sweet, if somewhat violent, threesome action. Dating is complicated.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a farmer looking to spread his seed online or an attractive girl looking to sell first dates to the highest bidder.  Love is a enigmatic beast. Sometimes it’s best to just shrug and give in to your feelings.  Hugh Jackman followed his heart, and he’s been happily married for 17 years.
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08/17/2011 03:50 On Wednesday's DahlCast Brendan clarified the ball slippage story but still left many unanswered questions. Frank Sennett from Time Out Chicago called in to recap last night's big softball game against CHIRP. Then I played the video Jim shot of the game. I read an article about the new Triple Double Oreo, which seems like a way for the people at Kraft to kill us. Then I reported on a string of goose poisonings on Chicago's Southside. Steve Dahl, Frank Sennett, Columbia College, Time Out Chicago, softball, Red Eye, Tracy Swartz, 888-GOB-HOMO, CHIRP Radio, Portugal the Man, Triple Double Oreo
Results: 2 Episodes Found