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02/26/2016 01:33:10 Some NARCOS, t-shirts and a little bit of reminiscing on the good ol' days are all on today's DahlCast. Brendan brings some news that's sure to shock or make you wonder what else the internet has to offer. Plus American Idol, "If/Then" interview and more! Kelly Clarkson, American Idol, Park West, Dino Stamatopoulos, conspiracy, If/Then, Katie Perry, JonBenét Ramsey
06/05/2013 00:00 Stan Lawrence checks in on today's Dahlcast to provide more clues about a much-ballyhooed fish taco in Lisle.  Speaking of the mexican foldable, Taco Bell has had its share of trouble recently.  Steve shares his thoughts on licked shells and thrown beverages. Steve Dahl, Tony Bosch, Tom Thayer, MLB, Michelle Obama, Stan Lawrence, MTV, Taco Bell, Chicago radio, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, comedy podcast, Ryan Braun, A-Rod, bikini, Park West, British TV, cream, Pamela Anderson, Cheerios, Dino, Dino's friend, dressing room, drinking pee, First Lady, fish taco, Kesha, licking, Lisle, multiracial, Ogden Ave, Old Tavern Road, PEDs, suspensions
06/03/2013 00:00

The weekend Park West show featured plenty of highlights. Tom Thayer was in attendance and he calls in to today’s show to share his favorite moments. Steve and Company provide a full recap of the stage happening, plus Blackhawks analysis. 

Steve Dahl, Tom Thayer, goldfish, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Fireball whiskey, Pet Lions, sobriety, football, Fred from Mount Prospect, Park West, Dino Stamatopoulos, Dick Stanfel, Albert Brooks movies, bravery, dressing room etiquette, expensive fish food, nightmares, pirated cable
05/15/2013 00:00

Alpana Singh is on today’s Dahlcast.  She considers Steve one of the best “Check Please” guests of all time, right up there with Barack Obama.  The show also features a soccer tragedy, Satanic light rock and honeymoon prostitution.

Steve Dahl, Seattle, Florida, Brazil, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, sex, honeymoon, Park West, Alpana Singh, The Boarding House Restaurant, Christian heavy metal, prostitution, Satanic light rock, soccer ball dribbling, World Cup
05/14/2013 00:00

Steve and the Dahlcasters are through the looking glass on today’s show.  Get ready for a live connection with the mysterious Fred from Mt. Prospect.  There’s also Ask Janet, cane technology and breast cancer awareness.

Steve Dahl, Facebook, TMZ, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Janet Joliat Dahl, Hollywood, Fred from Mount Prospect, Park West, Casio keyboard, adoption, AMC, Angelina Jolie, birth mother, breast cancer, cable, double mastectomy, family bathrooms, flush, seat up or down, septic tank, subscriptions, toilet, wedding rings
05/01/2013 00:00

Steve breaks down his now famous exit from last night’s Blackhawks game. He owes Bryan Bickell a chest bump. His seatmate Matt Dahl joins the Dahlcast to relive the moment of glory and retreat. Stan Lawrence recalls many a White Sox game that Steve left too early. The old pals discuss events past and present, including the tale an unlucky (and stupid) carnival attendee. It’s all on today’s show. Be sure to listen until the very end.

Steve Dahl, Chicago Blackhawks, Stan Lawrence, Comcast, babies, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Pet Lions, Matt Dahl, Park West, early exit, Bryan Bickell, chest bump, Cigars, ambulance escort, dickish rock stars, grandfather, missed opportunities, overtime victory, private clubs, slow motion video replay, The Lemonheads, traffic jam avoidance
11/12/2012 00:00 It was an action packed weekend for Steve and crew. Saturday was Roe Conn’s big Newsapalooza event at the Park West. Steve had some trouble getting plugged in at first, but he and Dag took care of business once they hit the stage with Richard Marx. The Bears didn’t have quite the same success last night. Tom Thayer calls in to share his thoughts on the Bears loss to the Texans and Jay Cutler’s head injury. Steve did have “Homeland” to take his mind off the Bears. Speaking of which, shouldn’t General David Petraeus have access to better cheating technology? All of this and more on today’s Dahlcast. Jay Cutler, Steve Dahl, Chicago Bears, Ireland, Roe Conn, Tom Thayer, Richard Marx, FBI, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, ice cream, Drinking, Park West, David Petraeus, Newsapalooza, CIA, accidental death, biography, buggery, castles, cheating, German Shepherd
06/05/2012 00:00 Today’s DahlCast is brought to you by the letter “M”. We start the show with a little music courtesy of Dag and Brendan “Subwoofer” Greeley. Brendan really has a unique singing voice… his Cash is right on the money. Everyone’s favorite matriarch, Janet Joliat Dahl, joins us for the popular “Ask Janet” segment, but also to help get to the important, personal topics of her and Steve’s life. Something about having a woman in the studio really helps our boys open up, both the DahlCast crew and our guests. We are pleased to welcome Keith Van Horne back to the show, who joins Steve and Janet in a spirited discussion of The Bachelorette’s single mother and the sad dudes that are left chasing her. Steve throws down his picks for her choice of beau and he thinks the “race” is not very close. Jeff Joniak ran the San Diego Marathon over the weekend and called in to fill us in on his awesome adventure. This was a big milestone (pun intended) in his life and we here at the DahlCast studios, couldn’t be any happier for him. Maybe he can convince Steve to run one next time… eh… maybe not. Steve Dahl, The Bachelorette, Florida, Floridiots, Keith Van Horne, naps, Janet Joliat Dahl, wedding gifts, Park West, pillows, Footloose, making beds, San Diego Marathon
06/04/2012 00:00 Today we are flying high after our big weekend. The show at the Park West was great but we don’t want to brag too much. Steve’s not a rapper, after all. Tom Thayer, a late arrival to the Park West, called in today to give us his take on the show and to fill us in on some of the new technology being used by the NFL this year. Bet they don’t have a slideshow of plays like Steve had at the Park West. And they certainly don’t have the sweet old pictures of Tom, like we do. The guys discuss the MTV Movie Awards and the fact that some rapper had his pants falling off on stage. Steve would never do that… wait, well, he wouldn’t take his pants off unless it was for a bit, like undressing on stage this weekend. Former radio guy, non-rock star and one trick pony Russell Brand is clearly trying to stay relevant… wait, hold on… we just heard the chimes go off on his 15 minutes of fame. Good thing our guy Steve has more talent than Mr. Brand and most of the other idiots on that “awards show”. Steve will be at Ribfest Chicago this weekend to judge who has the best ribs in the city with our favorite porkpie-wearing dude, Billy Dec. Patrick Bertoletti will also be there eating those ribs in mass quantities. Let’s hope Brendan can come out and help talk-block for Steve, because he really is the best at it, as he demonstrated at Douchebags, we mean Sedgewick’s, at the official after-party on Saturday night. Enjoy our Monday show and our kickoff to another action-packed week at the DahlCast studios! Steve Dahl, Tami Sagher, Billy Dec, Kevin Matthews, MTV Movie Awards, Buzz Kilman, Russell Brand, Patrick Bertoletti, Frank Sennett, funerals, parties, Park West, Rob Feder, Lil' Marley, douchebags, eating ribs, harmonica solo
06/02/2012 00:00 For an archive show the day of the debut of our “Out of the Basement Tour” we have put together a sampling of shows that led up to the Park West shows of the past.  These clips feature Seka, Janet, Maggie Brock, Leslie Keiling and of course Steve and Garry. We may not be able to bring a hot tub to the theater tonight, but you can “pre-party” and rally for tonight’s show by listening to this Descent into the Dahl Archives.  See everyone at the Park West! To listen to shows on our network, you must be a subscriber. Not a subscriber? Click HERE to signup and get your first month free! Steve Dahl, Garry Meier, Maggie Brock, Park West, DahlCast, Steve Dahl Network, Janet, Seka, Leslie Keiling
Results: 22 Episodes Found