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05/19/2017 01:01:49 Steve starts the show all aflutter because he found a water delivery service to fill his pool! The guys talk about healthy body fat percentages and David Wexler chats about a sale at The Little Guys. Plus Steve ponders a run for office & your phone calls! Modern Family, Oakbrook, Water truck, The Dancing Noodles, Elbo Room, The Sunshine Boys, Body Fat Percentage, Sound bars
02/09/2012 00:00 It's Thursday on the DahlCast as Steve gets sucked into an Illuminati conspiracy theory wormhole involving Madonna's halftime show. Frank Sennett is back from the Far East and his crotch was grabbed at a sketchy Malaysian bar. The TSA has a new program for frequent fliers and Steve wants in, but only if there is a separate line. Why is that Cro-Magnon Jody Weis messing with the Chicago car sticker and what did Steve think of the city's solution? Is there something deeper to Pete's complete non-committal on Sybil from Downton Abbey being hot? Plus are there any naked pictures of her? Steve Dahl, Groupon, Frank Sennett, Will Ferrell, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Time Out Chicago, Downton Abbey, Chicago Bulls, TSA, best podcast, 888-GOB-HOMO, Top rated podcast, M.I.A., Chicago city sticker, conspiracy theories, Illuminati, Jody Weis, Modern Family, New Orleans Hornets, Super Bowl halftime
Results: 2 Episodes Found


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