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02/09/2016 01:34:04 It's Fat Tuesday, or as Steve calls it, regular Tuesday in the DahlCast studio which means beads, belly laughs & The Bachelor. Steve discusses a future trip to New Orleans & rodent problems, plus Janet & Jennifer stop by to talk travel, festivities & more The Bachelor, New Orleans, Fat Tuesday, Mercedes Benz, Mardi Gras, Porsche, Meditation, D-Con
07/23/2013 00:00

Steve and Janet are saying ‘Yes’ to Michigan this week. New Buffalo has had its share of noteworthy visitors and Steve has encountered more than a few. Today’s Dahlcast covers Aaron Rodgers willingness to put his money where his mouth is, needles Ryan Braun and Asks Janet what she thinks of prepackaged biscuits and spoiled grandchildren

Steve Dahl, motorcycle club, Aaron Rodgers, Miley Cyrus, dolphins, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Hyundai, Janet Joliat Dahl, spoiling, Ryan Braun, Twitter, bowling, Television, Red Lobster, Mercedes Benz, cheese, biscuits, Bisquik, celebrities in Michigan, eight hour book club, exhaust system, garlic butter, grandchildren, lessons, names, official biograhper, royal baby, Toy Story, Wendy Snyder
07/09/2013 00:00

Steve and guest Jeff Garlin swap arrest stories on today’s show. TMZ commenters villanized Jeff after a recent car incident while Steve learned his lesson many years ago on the youth baseball circuit. By the way, youth baseball is the centerpiece of Jeff’s new movie “Dealin’ With Idiots”. It’s out this weekend. It’s a big bowl of fun.

Steve Dahl, L.Woods, TMZ, Lou Malnati's, Chicago, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Jeff Garlin, Sausage, Baseball, Mercedes Benz, ribs, Cubs, According To Jim, arrests, curtsy, Dealin' With Idiots, Jim Belushi, leisure, Little League, Music Box Theatre, Rick Dees, Sox, wheat, window, youth baseball
08/10/2012 00:00 Radio sucks. Unless it’s the station created by a teenaged Steve Dahl. Today’s show was recorded in a very sacred place. You are going to get the sweet sounds of Steve from his childhood bedroom, the place where it all began. In this room he played radio (created the KSRD station), perfected the art of the slip cue and lost his virginity. Take a look back at Steve as a youngster, back before he had ever had the power of the request line at his fingertips. Here at KSRD, we believe that your Friday begins as soon as you’re ready to start it, not when some silly radio station tells you it has begun. So, whether you’re listening to this show at 3:00pm on Friday, 5:20pm on Friday or next Wednesday at 8:00am, grab your pony, let your attitude show and take a trip with Steve “Bangkok Shrimp and Scallops” Dahl to the “South of the North” and to his childhood home. Roger Dahl, Steve Dahl, LAX, radio, Mercedes Benz, golf tournaments, flight delays, Fundamentals Of Radio, Indiana Losiers, KRAP, KSRD, loss of virginity, people meters, Tim Buckley
Results: 4 Episodes Found