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07/31/2017 01:01:23 The guys are back for a week of fun! They start with saving turtles, then on to killing sharks, with a bit of weight gain to fill it out. A Floridiot who hunts endangered sea life. Steve gets his Pico and Sepulveda on and some of your phone calls! fishing, Mandy Patinkin, Green light, Online research, McDonald's smoothie, Florida cocaine turtle, Glass straws, Traffic on Mars
07/28/2017 01:01:02 Steve ends the week feeling compassionate, and credits the women in his life. The guys share some highlights from their Guaranteed Rate Field broadcast yesterday. Steve explains his decision to cancel his New York trip & ends with some Beach Boys audio! anniversary, Mandy Patinkin, Murry Wilson, Amazon, Bulls T Shirt, Richest Man, Scowling Dag, Sleep hygiene
06/17/2013 00:00

Father’s Day was a multi-generational success at the Dahl household.  Steve and Pat played tee ball with Henry while Roger watched.  Tom Thayer’s dad grilled out, as is tradition.  The Bears broadcaster joins today’s show to talk Jay Cutler, Marc Trestman and Devin Hester.  The Dahlcast also features Kimye’s baby, missing rings and falsetto “Homeland” actors.  

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Results: 3 Episodes Found