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05/05/2017 01:00:54 Dag and Brendan finish the week strong with this Cinco de Mayo show! The guys give an update on Steve, with the most recent video of him courtesy of Janet. Plus Frijole Joe Gaspar brings tons of tamales and Kentucky Derby picks with Joe Kristufek! Enjoy! Conan O'Brien, Kentucky Derby, Cinco de Mayo, Pam Anderson, Frijole Joe Gaspar, Joe Kristufek, tamales, A VHS tape
04/28/2017 01:44:17 Back before there was a WLS-AM890 radio show, Steve, Dag and Brendan slaved away at the podcast in Steve's basement lair. Here's the  2012 Cinco de Mayo show, even though it's from May 4th. Frijole Joe brings churros & it's the Kentucky Derby weekend! Kentucky Derby, Cinco de Mayo, Frijole Joe, Buzz Killman, Margarita, eat the worm, mescaline, Puff Daddy
05/01/2014 00:00

And down the stretch they come!! It's Daily Herald horse racing analyst & Arlington oddsmaker Joe Kristufek in studio w/his Kentucky Derby picks. Turns out Joe's mom is quite the character herself. Janet already misses little Henry, who just moved out.

Kentucky Derby, new house, Rob Ford in rehab, The Amazing Spider Man 2, Danza, California Chrome, OTB, George Steinbrenner
05/06/2013 00:00

Steve took it upon himself to read The Great Gatsby in advance of the movie’s release. Putting on his professorial hat, he may take issue with some of Baz Luhrmann’s choices.

With two teams in the playoffs, there’s plenty of Blackhawks/Bulls fun to be had.  Steve was inspired by the Bulls Game 7 victory on Saturday, but he’s going to miss hearing Neil and Stacey now that all games are solely on national TV

Tom Thayer is in Hawaii and answers a listener email concerning Bethany Hamilton. He says sharks are always in the back of his mind when he’s out surfing.    

Blackhawks, Steve Dahl, Tom Thayer, Kentucky Derby, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, college, books, Hawaii, surfing, hockey, Movies, The Great Gatsby, Bethany Hamilton, education, heckling, long flights, shark attacks
05/02/2013 00:00

Horse expert Joe Kristufek previews the Kentucky Derby and Arlington Park’s opening day on today’s Dahlcast. He and Steve also reminisce about the three horses they co-owned. The animals had vastly different fates. Speaking of four-legged species, big news on the missing dog front. Steve was drawn in to Janet’s search for Duke. Trappers keepers and Dahlcast Stever.

Steve Dahl, Kentucky Derby, Chicago Blackhawks, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, prison, Arlington Park, betting, Joe Kristufek, AV Club, combinations, horse ownership, horse racing, Jack In The Box tacos, leaving early, The Who
05/04/2012 00:00 It’s Cuatro de Mayo and DahlCast central is hopping with Mexican spirit. Actually we had a real life Mexican, our friend Frijole Joe, in studio to make sure our celebration was authentic. He brought some delicious churros. Although he barely made it through Steve's neighborhood without getting swept up by landscapers, who heavily populate this area. This weekend is also the Kentucky Derby and Steve needs to pick a horse from a list of what seems to be Brendan’s friends. Our fiesta continues with a dissection of the hot Lil’ Marley track. It’s not quite as good as the lyrics that our favorite teenage subscriber, Teags, sent in for us. Steve and Brendan are both “name-checked” in the song. We are planning on helping Teags with some caliente beats for this track and may launch a rap label here at DahlCast Studios. Buzz Kilman called in and discusses his plans for the holiday weekend. He really didn’t know when Cinco de Mayo was (classic Buzz) but has been set straight. He also highly recommends a Google search for “Babies Sleeping in Weird Positions”. Finish your Friday with a little “Margarita” but don’t forget to drink responsibly and NEVER SWALLOW THE WORM. Salud! Steve Dahl, Kentucky Derby, Cinco de Mayo, Frijole Joe, Buzz Killman, Margarita, bicycle seats, bicycle storage, bicycle trails, churro, eat the worm, mescaline, Mexican jail, Mint Julep, Puff Daddy
Results: 6 Episodes Found