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07/14/2016 01:11:44 The DahlCast welcomes WGN's Jeff Hoover today and he brought his whirlwind of outstanding characters and his love for Steve. Janet shares what she thought of Disco Demolition back in 1979 and there's Dag Juhlin on guitar and Brendan Greeley on news! Johnny B, lightning, WGN morning news, Jeff Hoover, Hitler on Vibes, 7600 days, radio on TV, Lumber liquidators
09/27/2013 00:00 It's Friday and it's football season. That means a visit from Jeff Joniak. Steve and Jeff share their dislike of Lions coach Jim Schwartz. Buzz Kilman, also a Friday regular, pitches "Hit And Miss" on Netflix, and somehow Steve acts like he's never heard the pitch before. Is it possible that both of these old men actually forget that they talk about the same damned show every week? You be the Judge. Buzz also reveals his secret for staying in shape, and Steve has a few for getting out of shape. So there's that too.  Subscribe now and get a free month! Steve Dahl, Chicago Bears, Buzz Kilman, The Little Guys, Jeff Joniak, Detroit Lions, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Steelers, Breaking Bad, Netflix, Pittsburgh, Disney World, Disneyland, Hit and Miss, Jim Schwartz, Johnny B, Lafayette Coney Island, Low Winter Sun, Panasonic, Primanti Bros.
09/13/2013 00:00 Jeff Joniak has a secret honey supplier to keep his voice silky and clear for Bears broadcasts. It isn’t a personal honeycomb on top of Soldier Field, as Steve surmises. Instead, Jeff relies on a local groundskeeper for his honey. You can’t get honey without bees. And you can’t have bees without hearing a buzz. You’ll also hear one terrific buzz, Buzz Kilman, on today’s show.  Subscribe today and get a free month! Jay Cutler, Steve Dahl, Chicago Bears, Marc Trestman, Buzz Kilman, WGN FM, Jeff Joniak, Robbie Gould, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, radio, Johnny B, Chicago White Sox, ahi salad, bees, breakfast, Bruce Willis, commissary, cups, Drinking Buddies, easy work, FOX lot, germs, going out, Honey, J'Marcus Webb, lemons, menu, naps, offensive line, prices, remote, sacks, staying in, Stories We Tell, streaming, Westin
09/07/2012 00:00 Janet isn’t happy with Steve’s request for two glazed coffee cakes this morning. Admittedly, he’s gone off the rails somewhat with his eating. But he’s going to get it together, right after these two coffee cakes are gone. Dag must learn to be a sneakier baked goods supplier. He could try hiding them in his guitar case. Bears play-by-play man Jeff Joniak is enjoying his cake and eating it, too. He’s pumped for football season while also appearing in a new national ad for Old Navy. It stars Jeff, Tom Waddle, George Wendt and Mike Ditka recreating the Saturday Night Live “Da Bears” sketch. Buzz (who enjoys a good chocolate-frosted cake and who also used to give one-minute news updates under the pseudonym “Frosty” Kilman) enjoys playing devil’s(food) advocate. He wonders how the Drew Peterson verdict affects future murderers that try to silence whistle-blowers. Buzz also tells us how he was stood up on Johnny B’s show this week. Ride the pony into your weekend! Steve Dahl, Chicago Bears, Brandon Marshall, WGN, Buzz Kilman, Mike Ditka, Jeff Joniak, Robert Smigel, George Wendt, podcasting, Johnny B, Janet Joliat Dahl, turtles, Tom Waddle, blues, exercise, coffee cake, Jay Culter, Old Navy, radio is dead, severed Peruvian penis
03/08/2012 22:06 It's cold and rainy in Florida so Steve doesn't feel too bad about the weather in Chicago. WGN is holding a contest for a new Cubs song and the finalists are all We're All Crazy in Chicago-esque. Danny McGowan from Big Bowl was on to talk about the Dahl Deal of the Day. Is that really Pete in an 8-million-hit viral video of a girl cracking up in an elevator? Celery, the semen-flavor improver, fruit or vegetable? The much clamored for Roger Dahl weighs in on that subject and then veers into circumcision territory. A Hulk Hogan sex tape is something you can never unsee. Plus has Brendan turned Steve onto yet another awesome kitchen appliance? chicago cubs, Roger Dahl, Steve Dahl, Florida, WGN, Danny McGowan, Big Bowl, sex tape, Chicago, Brendan Greeley, Johnny B, weather, Hawaii, Hulk Hogan, Steve Dahl Network, best podcast, 888-GOB-HOMO, Top rated podcast, Pete Zimmerman, scuba, Payton Manning, viral video
02/17/2012 51:33 Steve might start hanging out at Matt's new pad, as long as it doesn't turn into an Everybody Loves Raymond situation. Steve and Janet's decorative pillow fight has followed them to Florida. Buzz is convinced that Israel will attack Iran sometime this year. Steve is cockblocked at Houston's by Janet. The debut of a new week-in-review montage put together by Pete. Steve makes an airport pick-up deal with Janet. Is Johnny B's retirement home broadcast WGN's last step in breaking him, or just a way for him to make fun of old people? Kevin Costner, Steve Dahl, Janet Dahl, Buzz Kilman, Kim Kardashian, Comcast, Johnny B, Iran, Matt Dahl, Downton Abbey, best podcast, 888-GOB-HOMO, Top rated podcast, Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Jeremy Lin, Bodyguard, Everybody Loves Raymond, Israel
02/10/2012 00:00 Happy Friday and happy Pizza Night in America! Steve is complimented for being a handsome older man at Walgreens but one of the women seemed like a tweaker. Pete demands you get his dog's name and gender right. Buzz Kilman is pent up and ready to talk. His Valentine's Day plans are thrown for a loop when he learns it's not tomorrow. The Tilted Kilt's sexual harassment lawsuit shows us another use for a straw. Johnny B's live remote from a retirement home is clearly meant to break him. Steve Dahl, Kevin Matthews, Walgreens, Buzz Kilman, Johnny B, Downton Abbey, Tilted Kilt, Home Alone, Macaulay Culkin, How I Met Your Mother, best podcast, 888-GOB-HOMO, Top rated podcast, Pizza Night in America, Chronicle, tweakers
12/21/2011 00:00 Today on the DahlCast I discussed my busy morning about town hitting the bakery and Starbucks. It was Janet's idea to get me out of the house. Roger Dahl is in town and he joined us in the studio for the show. I talked to Janet about how she Roger Dahled me on the way home from the Hawks game Friday. I asked the staff about how much progress they've made on their Christmas shopping. To no one's surprise Brendan has yet to start. Roger Dahl, Steve Dahl, Chicago Blackhawks, Janet Dahl, Johnny B, 888-GOB-HOMO, Christmas shopping
Results: 8 Episodes Found