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03/19/2018 01:11:06 Eagles rock star Joe Walsh takes over the WLS AM 890 studio! The boys talk touring, sobriety, plus your calls! Joe Walsh, Eagles, tour, sobriety, phone calls, Crew, Segments
03/15/2018 01:00:32 Stever attended Eagles concert in Chicago last night and had quite the time! Dag had a gig at Simon's! It's Ask Janet! They talk vacuum cleaners, broadway musicals, and dog masseuses! Papa has pride for his children's ability to sing and dance in front of people very easily! tacos in bed, dog massage, Ask Janet, United Center, Joe Walsh, Eagles, Broadway, Rosie
11/21/2017 01:17:14 Steve discusses his birthday evening & a water heater battle. Brendan's duped by a headline, Steve tells Hawaiian snorkeling stories & the guys talk garbage in the oceans. Steve's tripped out by pineapple facts, plus Joe Walsh & Richard Lewis phone calls! Richard Lewis, Joe Walsh, Barry Manilow, Bromelain, Dole Whip, MGM Grand, Blue Planet, Humuhumunukunukuapua’a
01/25/2017 01:06:01 A social media exchange has Steve on edge & puts Brendan in a precarious position. The guys react to the short sentencing of 'The Fappening' Chicagoan & Dag gives his review of the nominated movie Jackie. Plus some highlights from yesterday's radio show! grapefruit juice, Joe Walsh, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lawrence, Honey Bee Cafe, Drunken Shrimp, Robert Kennedy, Hacking and Whacking
11/18/2016 55:52 In lieu of Steve's birthday Sunday, WLS-AM 890 celebrated with special guests Joe Walsh, Bob Odenkirk, Richard Lewis and more. Enjoy listening to the festivities as Steve is off celebrating his nephew's wedding in New Orleans! Las Vegas, Kevin Matthews, Richard Lewis, Bob Odenkirk, Birthday, Joe Walsh, Christkindlmarket, beer stein
06/24/2016 01:16:41 Today Steve reps a OG California look in vans and plain tee while he celebrates 21 years of sobriety and the beginning of Snark Week. Plus the guys talk EDC, a Vegas wonderland, Hamilton tickets, SDN's own Brexit and an unedited interview with Joe Walsh. Joe Walsh, Snark Week, OG California Look, Electric Daisy Carnival, Hamilton Tickets, Whole Foods Guacamole, 21 Years of Sobriety, Hawaiian Time Shares
11/20/2013 00:00

It's Steve's birthday!  He shares it with Joe Walsh, who calls in to deliver his best wishes.  Joe captivates Brendan with the story of how Rick Rubin contacted him about Eminem sampling "Life's Too Good" on his latest album, MMLP2.  Steve recalls a New Year's party where Joe played guitar. Roger Dahl checks in with a big birthday surprise.  Also: Rahm vs. France, Sean Penn vs. the public eye and a recap of last night's L. Woods Bird-day dinner.  Subscribe today and get a free month!

Steve Dahl, Sean Penn, Lollapalooza, 8 Mile, Brody Jenner, Eminem, Grant Park, Rahm Emanuel, Taylor Swift, Birthday, Joe Walsh, France, people, Channing Tatum, Bruce Jenner, tourists, Kelly Clarkson, Dwyane Wade, sitcom, So Far, 59, A Father First, Adam Levine, D Wade, Kendall Jenner, Life's Been Good, Lose Yourself, Rick Rubin, Sexiest Man Alive, skate park, St. Regis Hotel, The Steve Dahl Show, Three the Hard Way
11/06/2013 00:00

Detroit what!  D-town is heavily featured on today's Dahlcast.  Danny McGowan is on the phone from the Detroit airport to help preview the big Steve b-day dinner.  Birthday brother Joe Walsh is awesomely featured on the new Eminem album and Steve recalls his days as a Detroit DJ.  Subscribe to the Dahlcast today and get a free month! 

Steve Dahl, Pat Quinn, Eminem, Rahm Emanuel, L.Woods, Guacamole Wednesday, The Steve Dahl Network, Lady GaGa, Joe Walsh, So Far, Chicago radio, Danny McGowan, same sex marriage, Lincoln Park Zoo, Gay Marriage, Big Bowl, gay Lincoln, Detroit airport, ladybugs, outer space, Sidetrack
09/19/2013 00:00

On this star-studded Steve Dahl Show, Steve welcomes his showbiz soulmate Joe Walsh, in town for an Eagles (note:, no "The") show. Then, Bob Odenkirk visits the studio to talk about Saul Goodman, Breaking Bad, and Steve's influence on Bob's radio career. Bob tries on an important Dahl artifact and joins Steve in eating on the air.

Steve Dahl, Disco Demolition!, WGN, Bob Odenkirk, Miley Cyrus, Joe Walsh, Naperville, Helmet, Chicago, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, radio, Breaking Bad, goats, Eagles, Comedy, weather, Tommy Skillethead, history, David Cross, dudes, Garry Meier Show, grilled chicken, Mr. Show, private jet, Saul Goodman, sketch comedy, The Eagles, tour, weather porn
04/05/2013 00:00

Steve had a decades-long friendship with Roger Ebert and truly looked up to the esteemed writer/critic. Steve and the gang share thoughts on his passing. Also on today’s Dahlcast: a conversation with the great Joe Walsh.

Steve Dahl, Bob Seger, Roger Ebert, Joe Walsh, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Eagles, water, intelligence, touring, Steak and Shake, bravery, beach, illness, airport security, bathroom leaks, Freshmen, Southwest Airlines, walking
Results: 17 Episodes Found