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05/21/2018 01:06:28 A rainy start leaves Brendan reflecting on his lazy Saturday filled with a whole lot of nothing. Dag received Steves wedding ring over the weekend and pops the question to him! The guys call Janet to discuss the royal wedding. Steve encounters a punk at his local grocery store...oh boy. Goal Light, ring, Janet, grocery store, Pudding, Crunch, Royal Wedding, Nutritionist
05/16/2018 01:00:04 Janet is relieved Steve found his wedding ring, thanks to subscriber Mark! Frijole Joe has a big surprise! Brendan and Dag diagnose Stever's illness. The boys share their secrets of air travel for cheap thanks to the email of the day. flying, ring, illness, Janet, sick, Bike, Cockroach, Joe
04/17/2018 01:00:59 Brendan finally receives his bedding from Janet courtesy of a flustered Steve. The Chicago weather leaves Dag pondering ruefully and Steve is over it, already! Stever recaps the Dahl family birthday dinner crisis. Florida, Birthday, weather, Janet, Dahl Family, Bedding, Mood, Bar
03/13/2018 01:02:15 Another Broadway show tonight! Steve's actually looking forward to this one! Taco's in bed will be a bonus! A new restaurant has Brendan intrigued! Plus a new spring break trend we all can get onboard with, or...not! tacos in bed, Spring Break, sports, tea, Janet, Pretty woman, Broadway in Chicago, River Walk
03/09/2018 01:06:06 It's an exciting day here at the station! Steve is broadcasting one last time on 97.9 The Loop with some special guest's joining him! RIP WLUP. Stever also gives an update on the new podcast platform! Janet and Steve had a very eventful morning! Plus a 40 years clip! Florida, Janet, sleep, WLS AM89, The Loop 97.9, RIP, martin shkreli, Special Guests
03/05/2018 01:11:05 Over the weekend a subscriber attempts to give Stever podcast quality control. Brendan picks up his new headboard and kitchen cart top and was treated to a lovely dinner. Thank you Russ and Michele! The guys also talk the Oscar awards and fashion! Pie, doctor, Janet, Ryan Seacrest, Oscars, emails, Headboard
02/12/2018 01:05:18 According to Dag, it's a whole new world of happy sleeping and beautiful morning afters for the Stever! Papa finally has his CPAP machine and loves it! Also some Florida condo talk includes an invitation reading and dismissal. Florida, octopus, coffee cake, Janet, CPAP machine, Rosie Dahl, Condo assocation, Bitmoji
02/08/2018 01:01:50 Happy Thursday Subscribers! There's a winter storm brewing! Steve shares his Midway airport experience dropping off Janet this morning! WLS's Jennifer Keiper stops by to discuss the Chicago Auto Show! Chicago Auto Show, Janet, Midway Airport, Harmonica, Jennifer Keiper, This Is Us, Winter Storm, Robot
01/30/2018 01:07:27 Happy Tuesday Subscribers! Stever continues his adventures in LA! Today's podcast has a behind the scenes feel filled with false starts, the Dahl haunted estate, and Janet's health scare! bacon, Los Angeles, Janet, Ghost, business, Bobby's Burrito, Estate, Ashes
01/14/2016 01:27:48 Could a Craigslist Joe have gotten over on the Stever? Today's podcast brings a selfie stick revelation & discussion on the "Steve Dahl Dating App". Also the gang talks American idol sob stories & Janet gives the hard truth on compression undergarments. American Idol, commute, Janet, slippers, Craiglist, Dahl Dating Site, Selfie Stick
Results: 12 Episodes Found