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06/14/2018 01:06:25 Another technical workshop leaves Steve questioning his headphones all together! The boys discuss the upcoming garage sale happening in July! Steve addresses an email sent from a subscriber. Janet fills us in on how last night's book club went and her experience at "The Cher Show, and her love of broadway! Ireland, Janet Dahl, Ask Janet, book club, garage sale, Broadway, fountain, Elevators
12/05/2017 01:12:09 Steve & the guys have a debate on shirt-wearing during sports. Steve calls Ron Lewis to clear up a tax question. Then Steve calls his family as witnesses to a weekend scuffle at his motorcycle club. Brendan & Dag ask the questions, both sides share blame. Ron Lewis, Janet Dahl, Mike Dahl, Matt Dahl, country club, Chair Incident, Generational Warfare, Ego
04/26/2017 01:46:43 Back before there was a WLS-AM890 radio show, Steve, Dag and Brendan slaved away at the podcast in Steve's basement lair. Today's episode is from May 1, 2012 and features PVC piping, Pat Boyle and one or both of the Sklar Brothers! Enjoy! Scottie Pippen, Janet Dahl, Sklar Brothers, desk germs, Google wormhole, History Channel, Pat Boye, toilet germs
04/11/2014 00:00

Frijole Joe Gaspar is in the flight simulator for Brendan today. Steve has finally recorded a new show open, and is surprised he didn't think of it sooner. Buzz Kilman is en fuego and never charitable. Janet joins Steve and Joe to talk news and big booty.

Las Vegas, Stephen Colbert, Nashville, Hillary Clinton, Chicago Blackhawks, Janet Dahl, Buzz Kilman, Floridiots, Kim Kardashian, Rush Limbaugh, Tony Fitzpatrick, MH370, LTHS
02/13/2014 00:00 Janet gets to talk to adults for the first time all day during her studio visit.  She babysat early this AM for Jackson, then made a bakery run and finally picked up Henry from daycare.  A fire mishap lands some Sunshine Staters in the Floridiot HOF. Colin Farrell, Janet Dahl, Floridiots, Tinder, bakery, Lincoln Park, Drake, above ground pool, Sid Caesar
01/06/2014 00:00

I'm solo again because the Interceptor crapped out on Brendan in the sub-zero cold weather today. Tom Thayer and I talk sunset photos, I blow the lid off of WGN.FM for David Hochberg and Janet brings a photo album of old boyfriends down to the studio.

Tom Thayer, Janet Dahl, David Hochberg, WGN FM, American Eagle, Chicago cold weather
12/19/2013 00:00

Larry Lujack has passed away.  Today's Dahlcast is dedicated to the many confrontations Steve had with Larry.  Included is audio from Larry busting into Steve and Garry's studio as well as Larry's "Truth about Steve Dahl" segment.  Send someone the gift of the Dahlcast and get a free T-Shirt! 

WLS, Janet Dahl, Steve and Garry, Larry Lucjack, Superjock, Uncle Lar
12/12/2013 00:00 You're not having a schizophrenic episode or hearing voices...wait...you are hearing voices - the sound of Dahlcasters.  Ask Janet is full of probing listener questions, harkening all the way back to Steve and Garry days.  Also, find out which household products Steve and Brendan have abused and celebrate Kevin Federline's continuing fatherhood with a PopoZao listening party.  Check out our holiday gift special!! Steve Dahl, Michael Jordan, Britney Spears, Scottie Pippen, MLB, Garry Meier, Janet Dahl, 12 Years a Slave, Ask Janet, The Steve Dahl Network, sign language, Brian Urlacher, Rush, Nebraska, Robin Ventura, Bobby Hull, Gravity, A Christmas Carol, OCD, Nelson Mandela, Buster Posey, Captain Phillips, flu game, home plate collisions, Johannesburg Star, Johnny Bench, Kenan Thompson, Kevin Federline, Make a Wish, Mike Matheny, Moesha, Oregano, Popo Zao, schizophrenia, Shar Jackson, spices, Thamsanqa Jantije, The Wolf of Wall Street
12/05/2013 00:00 Today's Dahlcast features a graphic round of "Ask Janet", Steve's Apple vs. PC discovery and a North Dakota game of hide and seek the meth pipe in the vagina.  Sign up for the network today and receive a free month!  Steve Dahl, Kevin Hart, Lebron James, Janet Dahl, CTA, Ask Janet, Florida State, Jameis Winston, Christmas, The Steve Dahl Network, shower, dogs, NBA, A Christmas Story, blue line, India, It's a Wonderful Life, Jacqueline Badger Mars, man-eating tiger, Mars candy, Mexico City, New Orleans Pelicans, Space Jam, Willie Meggs
10/08/2013 00:00

On today's DahlCast,even Steve has an "Ask Janet" question. David Wexler talks about the storewide discounts available to subscribers at The Little Guys on Saturday, and a Floridiot tries to give a McDonald's worker a free Big Mac of his own making.  There's also a fairly revealing telling of the Steve's parents' 50th Anniversary party in Las Vegas (it's golden), and Janet is shocked to see the horrible picture of Steve that the Museum Of Broadcasting has decided to use in the program for the night of Steve and Garry's induction.That's what Steve gets for not cooperating with them. Get a free month with our no-hassle sign up!

Steve Dahl, Janet Dahl, Ask Janet, The Steve Dahl Network, Dodgers, Tom Hanks, Boston school bus driver strike, Broadcast Communications Hall of Fame, Carl Hagen, Chicago riverwalk, diabetes, Grant Balfour, Higgs boson, hundred dollar bill, Juan Uribe, knife, Nobel Prize, Pizza, surprise party, swiss army knife, Victor Martinez
Results: 47 Episodes Found