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03/02/2018 01:10:11 The Stever had another dysfunctional morning and we hear all about it! The boys analyze a tape of Steve broadcasting from Hawaii. Editing is a gift! Brendan interviews actress Kara Killmer from the hit TV show "Chicago Fire" plus your phone calls. Chicago Fire, Hawaii, archives, phone calls, CPAP, Late morning, Editing, Kara Killmer
02/23/2018 01:05:29 Steve and the boys kick off todays episode exploring the world of podcast! What type of podcast does Brendan listen to?! Steve shares his experience at his massage he went to last night and his parking garage dilemma. The gang talk plans for the Southside Irish Parade! massage, Podcast, Hawaii, parade, parking garage, Irish, CPAP, Float
06/21/2016 01:06:04 What does the deep sea and Keith Sklar have in common? They both deal with crustaceans and appear on today's DahlCast. Plus Steve's meditation saves the day when a rowdy Metra rider has some issues and poker players, thoughts and prayers and Snark Week ESPN, Hawaii, Strawberry Moon, Snark Week, Bro Flip Flops, Weird Nap Times, Ed Merlot, Fly fucking
07/30/2013 00:00 If Steve suffered from male-pattern baldness, would Janet prefer he completely shave his head? That’s one of the many questions answered on today’s show during “Ask Janet”. Steve began his morning on WGN-TV’s morning news and found a decent route to get there. He also was impressed with the redecorated green room. Also covered today: Dennis Farina’s funeral, “The Good Wife” star Julianna Marguilles’ thoughts on Anthony Weiner and Steve’s upcoming trip to Walter E. Smithe.  Get a free trial now!  Steve Dahl, The Bachelorette, Mike Dahl, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Janet Joliat Dahl, Michigan, Matt Dahl, traffic, WGN TV, Hawaii, ADD, ADHD, Alive, breast feeding, butt grabbing, camp chairs, DVR, Flossie, foreplay, gun tower, intelligence, male pattern baldness, parking, surfing, swing dancing, technology
06/25/2013 00:00

The Blackhawks are champions for the second time in four years.  Steve and Brendan watched at Matt Dahl’s house and enjoyed pork and cookies.  Shawn Ryan is a huge Hawks fan, too.  The famed TV writer joins the Dahlcast to talk about the amazing finish and the continuing celebration.  The show is topped off with a round of Ask Janet.

Steve Dahl, Andrew Shaw, Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks, Janet Dahl, Jonathan Toews, dogs, BBQ, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Stanley Cup, China, Hollywood, Hawaii, humidity, power outage, Jim Belushi, celebration, Boston Bruins, Corey Crawford, Movies, Shawn Ryan, blood, deflection, goalies, goals, Katy Segal, MVP
05/28/2013 00:00

Steve didn’t mean to ignite furor over the Blackhawks’ penalty shot in Game 6.  Regardless, a Red Wings fan took a personal shot at him on Facebook.  Tom Thayer is riding high after that game and he’s also excited about the Park West show.  Although, he insists Steve should do a one-man reenactment of The Super Bowl Shuffle.  

Steve Dahl, Tom Thayer, Chicago Blackhawks, Jonathan Toews, Steak Towel, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, McDonald's, boats, Twitter, football, Hawaii, surfing, hockey, golf swing, double cheeseburger, eating, flare gun, game seven, gang initiation, hits, John Fogerty, singing voice, veterinarians, warriors
05/06/2013 00:00

Steve took it upon himself to read The Great Gatsby in advance of the movie’s release. Putting on his professorial hat, he may take issue with some of Baz Luhrmann’s choices.

With two teams in the playoffs, there’s plenty of Blackhawks/Bulls fun to be had.  Steve was inspired by the Bulls Game 7 victory on Saturday, but he’s going to miss hearing Neil and Stacey now that all games are solely on national TV

Tom Thayer is in Hawaii and answers a listener email concerning Bethany Hamilton. He says sharks are always in the back of his mind when he’s out surfing.    

Blackhawks, Steve Dahl, Tom Thayer, Kentucky Derby, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, college, books, Hawaii, surfing, hockey, Movies, The Great Gatsby, Bethany Hamilton, education, heckling, long flights, shark attacks
04/30/2013 00:00

There’s a neighborhood dog on the loose and Janet has been aiding in the chase. Unfortunately, there’s a weirdo trapper leading the search. He’s no Tommy Lee Jones (aka Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard) who would’ve organized things this way:

Alright, listen up people. Our fugitive dog has been on the run for two weeks.  Average speed over uneven ground barring injuries is 25 miles per hour. What the Dahlcast needs from each and every one of you is a hard-target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, outhouse and doghouse in the area. Checkpoints go up at fifteen miles. Your fugitive’s name is Duke. Go get him.   

Steve Dahl, Chicago Bears, Tom Thayer, Florida, Kyle Long, Duke, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Janet Joliat Dahl, Hawaii, surfing, masturbation, breaking and entering, Hasbro, Mr. Potato Head, runaway dog, toy helicopter, trapper, Vietnam
03/11/2013 00:00

Brendan may have hit up the South Side Irish parade yesterday, but the luck o' the Irish wasn't there for him two days prior. Details on today's Dahlcast.

Tom Thayer caught a lucky rainbow video on his phone, which he then sent to Steve. Is it wrong? Steve would prefer he shoot his videos sideways, however. Tom also talks NFL free agency and the Bears.

Screwdrivers turn out to be unlucky in Poland. The same goes for vials of blood in Norway.

Dag did luck into some L. Woods fried chicken during a weeked recording session with Danny McGowan and Expo'76.

Steve Dahl, Tom Thayer, Brendan Greeley, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Hawaii, Guitar, Duke's, Henry Kapono, traffic court, ancient judges, blood tasting, guilty verdicts, Norwegian school, presenting your own defense, rainbows, red eye flights, scrapbooking, screwdrivers, screwdrivers in head, time change
02/25/2013 00:00

The sock puppet skit was Steve’s favorite part of last night’s Oscar ceremony. Hear a full review of the awards and Seth MacFarlane’s performance on today’s Dahlcast. John Travolta made a appearance at the Academy Awards.  Danny Zuko adores the spotlight. Speaking of Greased Lighting, our own Grease has a recap of his greased-wheel spinout accident on the Stevenson. Today’s show has all of that, plus Tom Thayer as he gets ready for a round of golf with ESPN’s Chris Berman.

Steve Dahl, John Travolta, Tom Thayer, Brendan Greeley, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Hawaii, surfing, Seth McFarlane, The Oscars, William Shatner, Diamante, AAA, asparagus, Diving With The Stars, Louie Anderson, surf boards, taxpayer funded car towing, traffic accident, white asparagus
Results: 22 Episodes Found