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07/14/2017 01:08:59 Steve and Dag bring in Donnie to sit in while Brendan is gone. Steve takes some calls from listeners, and his headache medicine shipment gets delayed. The guys eventually get to talk to Brendan, who was out golfing before a friend's rehearsal wedding. Guitar, The Bolge, Panties, Meathead, Glue Guy, Electric Fence, Festus Kleppin, Dairy Before the Show
07/12/2013 00:00 Steve reflects on Disco Demolition on the 34th anniversary. He considers approaching his side of the story from a different angle. Haters on twitter were all over him yesterday, instigated by a Nile Rodgers challenge. 34 is also the operative number in that Brendan saw Walter Payton’s daughter Brittney at a rooftop bar last night getting her picture taken with Channing Tatum. Finally, Buzz checks in and out from his Michigan getaway spot.  Subscribe!  You get a FREE 30-day trial with no hassle sign up! Steve Dahl, Disco Demolition!, Buzz Kilman, Taco Bell, Channing Tatum, Michigan, New Buffalo, Led Zeppelin, Poco, Guitar, Black Madonna, burgers, cell phones, disco, feuds, FIPS, FLIPS, Nile Rogers, Redamak's
06/07/2013 00:00

It's Friday, and the DahlCasters are gearing up for Steve's appearance at Ribfest on Sunday. Buzz Kilman checks in to talk about his old gong-banging days in Florida, and we get a visit from a famous wedding crasher. Put your leather jacket on one more time and dig the Friday DahlCast!

Steve Dahl, Florida, Buzz Kilman, Frank Sennett, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Guitar, Ribfest, leather jacket, animal mutations, bullets, donuts, gongs, Kirschbaum's, Mick Taylor, phone orders, sci-fi movies, science fiction
03/11/2013 00:00

Brendan may have hit up the South Side Irish parade yesterday, but the luck o' the Irish wasn't there for him two days prior. Details on today's Dahlcast.

Tom Thayer caught a lucky rainbow video on his phone, which he then sent to Steve. Is it wrong? Steve would prefer he shoot his videos sideways, however. Tom also talks NFL free agency and the Bears.

Screwdrivers turn out to be unlucky in Poland. The same goes for vials of blood in Norway.

Dag did luck into some L. Woods fried chicken during a weeked recording session with Danny McGowan and Expo'76.

Steve Dahl, Tom Thayer, Brendan Greeley, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Hawaii, Guitar, Duke's, Henry Kapono, traffic court, ancient judges, blood tasting, guilty verdicts, Norwegian school, presenting your own defense, rainbows, red eye flights, scrapbooking, screwdrivers, screwdrivers in head, time change
Results: 4 Episodes Found


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