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06/13/2018 01:03:21 Janet is hosting her book club at the Dahl home tonight in the beautiful backyard oasis! Brendan wants to attend an event at a Montana resort... the guys help him find the best room! Steve and Janet saw "The Cher Show" last night! Let's just say tacos in bed were the best part. Hear the review! Frijole Joe, Guacamole Wednesday, tacos, Cher, book club, hot dogs, fountain, Montana
06/06/2018 01:07:38 Steve ordered a new piece of technology today! Frijole Joe wanted to arrange a rendezvous with Steve to finally deliver his long awaited bike! Ramblin Ray drops into the studio for a quick visit! The boys talk churros, Brockmire, and your calls! churros, Frijole Joe, Guacamole Wednesday, book club, iPhone, TV, Bike, Ramblin Ray
05/30/2018 01:03:28 Frijole Joe is in studio! Papa's bike is a hot topic...literally! With the LaGrange pet parade right around the corner, Matt Dahl has been practicing driving stick shift, and Steve goes down memory lane about having his first truck. Plus your calls! Frijole Joe, Guacamole Wednesday, truck, pool, parade, Rosie Dahl, Keychain, Stick Shift
05/24/2018 01:08:57 The summer weather results in a late start for Dag and Joe! Janet attends granddaughter Mary's pre-school graduation! Steve invites the gang over for a pool day! Plus Mike Dahl fills us in on what really happened with the train from yesterdays show! Frijole Joe, pool, traffic, Train, graduation, Bike, Garden, Photos
05/09/2018 01:07:21 Steve's a bully today! Papa and the guys analyze all of the weird verified accounts that follow him on social media. Frijole Joe is in studio! Steve gives us an update on the garage sale and also explains the Disco Demolition movie that never happened. Disco Demolition!, Frijole Joe, Guacamole Wednesday, Twitter, garage sale, Bike, Will Smith, Followers
05/02/2018 01:05:40 Frijole Joe walks in empty handed with no bike...poor Steve. Last night the team attended Hamilton and Brendan and Dag share their thoughts on the musical! Dag had a hectic morning with a call from a cable company, a loose dog, and Jehovah Witnesses! Frijole Joe, Guacamole Wednesday, tacos, Hamilton, Bike, Pudding, Italian Village, Swim Meet
04/25/2018 01:02:07 Grandpa Stever and his legacy are hot topics on this Guacamole Wednesday! A search for the perfect email of the day becomes a competition between Steve, Brendan, and Shawn! You be the judge! Plus some awesome bike talk! Facebook, Frijole Joe, Guacamole Wednesday, grandchildren, emails, Iceland, Bike, Palm Beach
04/18/2018 01:04:40 Brendan slept like an angel in his new bedding thanks to Janet, but prior to setting it up Stever almost lost a car door! Frijole Joe is in studio! Dag + Acid + Fire extinguisher = not a good time. Frijole Joe, Guacamole Wednesday, acid, Gym, Bike, Bedding, Fire Extinguisher, K-tel
04/11/2018 01:03:56 The weather in Chicago is finally catching up to Steve's Florida fun! Papa is enjoying his last week in paradise by bike riding, home remodeling, and eating healthy, well trying to! Frijole Joe is in for Guacamole Wednesdays and we answer your emails! Billy Dec, Nashville, Florida, Frijole Joe, Guacamole Wednesday, bike riding, healthy, Home Improvement
04/04/2018 01:02:49 The guys fill Stever in on the brutal weather we've been having in Chicago...meanwhile, Papa is soaking up the sun poolside! Steve is enjoying a new and cozier podcast setup! Frijole Joe is in studio! The guys break down Tiger Woods affair with a waitress...oh boy! Frijole Joe, Guacamole Wednesday, Tiger Woods, weather, Apollo 13, set up, Poolside, Affair
Results: 35 Episodes Found