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01/07/2014 00:00

Frank Sennett is celebrating a new job with Crain's Chicago Business.  Like others, his family participated in the boiling water/snow trick.  Luckily, unlike others, they weren't burnt.  Tommy Skilling reveals that wind chill is all made up and Steve's encounter with an opossum.  All part of today's show...sign up now and get a free month!!

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12/03/2013 00:00

Frank Sennett of guests on today's Dahlcast to preview the upcoming Ebert documentary from the maker of "Hoop Dreams".  Steve has read about it and anticipates the film's premiere.  Steve had quite the awkward morning, as back pain left his dad unable to get out of bed.  Nursemaid Steve found himself filling the uncomfortable roles of physical therapist and urologist.  Subscribe now and hear all of that plus plenty more! 

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09/11/2013 00:00 Guest caller Frank Sennett is putting together a Disco Demolition book. Steve is despised by many disco-loving Brits, it seems. One even called him a “cocktrumpeter” on Twitter. Steve looks up the definition and cocktrumpeter refers to a skilled blower, so to speak. He imagines a book signing in London where the books don’t show up so he’s forced to cocktrumpeter to kill time. free pizza, Steve Dahl, Disco Demolition!, Frank Sennett, Kristin Cavallari, President Obama, Chicago radio, comedy podcast, funny podcast, China, 911, Syria, golf course, Russia, Dale Tallon, Champaign, University of Illinois, ice cream, London, AAA card, Arthur Ashe, blue cheese, boobs for pizza, book signing, British, chemical weapons, chicken wings, Chinese economy, cocktrumpeter, Drew's Pizzeria, Friday Night Lights, frozen banana, horror movie, leech, leeches, Li Keqiang, parchment paper, Reverand Bishop Brazier, Riggins, slug, slugs, slumlords, Snakes on a Plane, speeding ticket, Stan Bowman, Stony Island, street name, tits for pizza, U of I
07/11/2013 00:00

Steve has a beef with cheese. He accepts it on nachos, but finds it unnecessary on fries and other things. He also likes to eat his burgers upside down. Today’s guest, Frank Sennett, is adrift.  Steve attempts to rope him in. Frank gathers himself nicely to join the conversation about Steve’s personal rivalry with Daft Punk collaborator Nile Rodgers, who co-wrote and plays guitar on “Get Lucky”.  

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06/10/2013 00:00

Steve played judge at Ribfest on Sunday, alongside Marc Silverman, Paul Konrad and Frank Sennett.  His stomach is planning a pork overload revolution, however.  He sampled multiple ribs with multiple sauce mixtures, and something bad is bound to happen to his system.  

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06/07/2013 00:00

It's Friday, and the DahlCasters are gearing up for Steve's appearance at Ribfest on Sunday. Buzz Kilman checks in to talk about his old gong-banging days in Florida, and we get a visit from a famous wedding crasher. Put your leather jacket on one more time and dig the Friday DahlCast!

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04/12/2013 00:00

Today’s Dahlcast proves the following to be true: Johnny Rotten is a Menace II Society; Semen cooking offers variety; Steve Dahl is a Menace II Psychiatry; Buzz Kilman’s got back, undeniably; Macklemore lyrics are a Menace II Sobriety; Frank Sennett has Lego anxiety.

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02/13/2013 00:00 Marco Rubio made an awkward reach for his water bottle last night to whet his whistle.  Meanwhile, Steve has gone virtually bottle-less during his stay in Florida.  Also, someone’s snitching to The Enquirer about the Juice. Frank Sennett has a thirst for knowledge. So much so that the Timeout Chicago editor found himself in Aruba to experience his latest topic first hand. Pour a glass of Gatorade or Jameson’s and enjoy today’s Dahlcast.  You’ll feel more satisfaction than a simultaneous hermaphrodite sea slug.
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11/29/2012 00:00 It's official: The Internet is a swamp of hatred. But on the DahlCast, we always try to see the good in people. Even when they're waving a knife and forcing us to eat a room service meal we didn't order. The show gets all literary today, with visits from authors James VanOsdol and Frank Sennett. Don't worry, they're not too highbrow to engage in some good, puerile fun. Oh, and, sorry you didn't win the PowerBall drawing last night. Neither did we. Steve Dahl, Groupon, Frank Sennett, Satan, James VanOsdol, Q101, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, alternative music, Chuck Berry, knife wielding drunk, vaginal odor
11/07/2012 00:00 With the 2012 election in our rear view mirror, we stick a flag in our hair and look forward to working together, even if one of us is a self-confessed homewrecker. Yep, Steve got out his big stick and displaced some squirrels who'd built a sweet pad on some prime real estate, right in time for the winter. Steve's animal displacement instinct goes back years, as find out today. On a harrowing, danger-packed fishing trip, a pair of young Dahl brothers tried to liberate some Golden Mantles from their natural habitat. Turns out the fuzzy rabies machines were happier in Idaho than California. We're visited today by the brilliant Tami Sagher, an underslept but always awesome Frank Sennett, a ponderous Bill Kurtis and some perpetually randy actor named Travolta. The result is another history-making edition of The Steve Dahl Show. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE HERE and get your first month FREE! Steve Dahl, Tami Sagher, Bill Kurtis, Frank Sennett, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, squirrels, fishing, musicals, Travolta, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, concession speech, flag in hair, forest fires, Golden Mantles, Idaho, lightning, Orphan Ann, Tokyo Rose, victory speech
Results: 56 Episodes Found