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05/01/2017 59:41 Dag and Brendan return from their week off happy to see each other, but sad as everyone else to hear Steve is back in the hospital. Dag shares moments from his Colorado trip and in a podcast exclusive: Janet calls in to update us on Steve's condition. Fireball whiskey, Colorado, Jim Fabbrini, Lindsay olives, Marijuana industry, Cody the Petty Cab Driver, Olive Curator, Cap n’ Gown weather
10/15/2013 00:00

Matt Dahl joins us on the DahlCast to talk about Mr. Man, the new penile version of Mr. Skin. He also finds time to mock Steve for his "Daily Affirmations" as Brendan provides some music. Lots of 888-GOB-HOMO calls, and a drunken Big Mac encounter too. Those police DUI checkpoints still make Steve's buttonhole pucker, and he hasn't been drunk for over 10 years. Matt and Brendan also get schooled on sodomy by Steve (it's not as bad as it sounds). Steve has a brilliant new french fry delivery system idea as well.  Sign up now and get a free month! 

Steve Dahl, Chicago Bears, Mr. Skin, French Fries, Mr. Man, babies, Steve Dahl Podcast Network, McDonald's, Matt and Brendan, KFC, Fireball whiskey, Big Mac, cup holders, daily affirmations, pregnancy, sodomy, Wells on Wells
06/03/2013 00:00

The weekend Park West show featured plenty of highlights. Tom Thayer was in attendance and he calls in to today’s show to share his favorite moments. Steve and Company provide a full recap of the stage happening, plus Blackhawks analysis. 

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Results: 3 Episodes Found