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02/15/2018 01:11:49 Stever is living his best mind right now after getting more sleep. A wedding is in the way of a CPAP upgrade! Janet and Steve are unsure of when and what car to get after having car troubles! Plus American comedian and impressionist Frank Caliendo! Ask Janet, dogs, porn, luggage, Car, Snacks, Frank Caliendo, Garage
02/25/2016 01:25:05 It's Ask Janet this week so she and the guys discuss a sweet new routine of watching House Hunters after a long day at work. Plus Johnny Depp the actor vs. the musician, and of course more talk of dog breeds at Steve's expense! Enjoy all that and more! dogs, White Sox, Johnny Depp, Grammys, House Hunters, meatloaf, Rings, Country Clubs
01/12/2016 01:20:28 The guys discuss their own dog's palaces & Steve recalls "Kenneling Back Now". He thinks of where to get his hair cut, his trip to Florida & how he can't seem to find his pants. Also, the Western Bar Crawl, the Drinking and Writing Theatre and much more. dogs, sassy, Pre Pre Show, foot modeling, western ave, drinking & writing, hair cuts, bar crawl
12/05/2013 00:00 Today's Dahlcast features a graphic round of "Ask Janet", Steve's Apple vs. PC discovery and a North Dakota game of hide and seek the meth pipe in the vagina.  Sign up for the network today and receive a free month!  Steve Dahl, Kevin Hart, Lebron James, Janet Dahl, CTA, Ask Janet, Florida State, Jameis Winston, Christmas, The Steve Dahl Network, shower, dogs, NBA, A Christmas Story, blue line, India, It's a Wonderful Life, Jacqueline Badger Mars, man-eating tiger, Mars candy, Mexico City, New Orleans Pelicans, Space Jam, Willie Meggs
10/28/2013 00:00

A happy birthday call to Roger Dahl kicks off today's Dahlcast.  Steve's dad hits big number 85.  Tom Thayer is also on the line to break down that Megatron performance in the Lions' comeback over the Cowboys.  Also: Julianne Hough's offensive Halloween costume and a tribute to the late Lou Reed.  Subscribe today and get 30 days free!

Roger Dahl, Steve Dahl, Justin Bieber, Tom Thayer, Orange Is The New Black, Red Sox, Chris Brown, The Steve Dahl Network, dogs, Birthday, Calvin Johnson, Matthew Stafford, Halloween, Lou Reed, World Series, babies, cardinals, Dez Bryant, Edna Krabappel, hookah, interference call, Julianne Hough, Marcia Wallace, Ron Kwasman, sub shop, Wrigleyville fire
08/27/2013 00:00 What is the meaning of life?  What the hell’s it like being Steve Dahl’s wife?  These are lyrics from the “Ask Janet” song, as featured on today’s show. Steve’s been busy scribbling some verses himself. Plus, more on Miley Cyrus and the Blurred Lines surrounding her VMA performance.  If you sign up get 30 days of shows completely free! Steve Dahl, dogs, Miley Cyrus, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Blurred Lines, marriage, Michigan, Pet Lions, Matt Dahl, Bristol Renaissance Faire, lesbians, sleeplessness, potstickers, dating, VMAs, Ambien, beds, burrowing, king size, meaning of lyrics, NARCANON, Parenthood, pirate wedding, Queen, song lyrics, substance abuse, twin
06/25/2013 00:00

The Blackhawks are champions for the second time in four years.  Steve and Brendan watched at Matt Dahl’s house and enjoyed pork and cookies.  Shawn Ryan is a huge Hawks fan, too.  The famed TV writer joins the Dahlcast to talk about the amazing finish and the continuing celebration.  The show is topped off with a round of Ask Janet.

Steve Dahl, Andrew Shaw, Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks, Janet Dahl, Jonathan Toews, dogs, BBQ, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Stanley Cup, China, Hollywood, Hawaii, humidity, power outage, Jim Belushi, celebration, Boston Bruins, Corey Crawford, Movies, Shawn Ryan, blood, deflection, goalies, goals, Katy Segal, MVP
06/11/2013 00:00

Janet drops in to answer some listener questions, while she and Steve have differing opinions on how pimped out their bed should be. Dag contemplates buying a banjo and a vest for Mumford-style success, and today's Fred message turns out to be the perfect candidate for the last call we ever need to hear from him. Grab a free strawberry coolatta and listen to today's DahlCast!

Steve Dahl, dogs, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Mumford and Sons, Janet Joliat Dahl, Chicago Tourism, bowling, Shopping, Dunkin' Donuts, strawberry coolatta, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, college graduation parties, helpful cashier, honey dipper, irate customer, phone video, rain, Saturday nights
02/05/2013 00:00 Walmart motorized shopping carts are featured on today’s Dahlcast. Some guys in Louisiana invented an awesome Whirlyball-esque game inside a Walmart. Unfortunately one of them got popped for DUI. Not to be outdone, Florida supplied its own story of drunken Walmart scootering. In cases of fire and ice, a stilt-walker suffered burns at the Lyric Opera of Chicago and Olympic gold medal-winning skier Lindsey Vonn was airlifted to a Austrian hospital after a crash. There’s coverage of both on today’s show. Finally, no Tuesday would be complete without a feisty round of Ask Janet. Steve has been putting her family to work down in Florida while anticipating Janet’s trip down to the Sunshine State. Las Vegas, Craps, Steve Dahl, Walmart, Lindsey Vonn, dogs, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Janet Joliat Dahl, Drinking, Louisiana, fire, grief, drunks, bumper cars, burns, Rascals, replacement dogs, stiltwalker opera
01/22/2013 00:00 Steve checks in from Florida, where he's experiencing the harsh weather conditions of a 70-degree cloudy day. Up here in Chicago, we've seen the temps climb from minus one to plus one, so we're encouraged by the warming trend. There's a voicemail from Steve's car dealer with the good news that Steve's brakes have been fixed. Too bad Dag didn't learn to put on the brakes: he's due in court this afternoon for going through a stop sign and being caught by a Polish state trooper. Oh, and there was that other matter of his license. Hopefully he won't be doing tomorrow's show from jail. And Janet takes her place on the couch and talks dogs, flu and more. Enjoy this Tuesday DahlCast! Steve Dahl, dogs, babies, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, traffic court, brake repair, Chicago weather, emergency room waiting time, Florida weather, hospitals, Illinois state troopers, lawyers, Lupe Fiasco, stomach flu, stop sign
Results: 15 Episodes Found