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05/09/2018 01:07:21 Steve's a bully today! Papa and the guys analyze all of the weird verified accounts that follow him on social media. Frijole Joe is in studio! Steve gives us an update on the garage sale and also explains the Disco Demolition movie that never happened. Disco Demolition!, Frijole Joe, Guacamole Wednesday, Twitter, garage sale, Bike, Will Smith, Followers
03/24/2017 59:03 Steve starts the show being interviewed by James Van Osdol about Steve's days on The Loop, as the station is celebrating 40 years! Dag and Brendan are left literally speechless & old men help each other with Twitter. Plus, some boob talk! Disco Demolition!, The Loop, Twitter, Drugs, James Van Osdol, Pope Slap, Staring at boobs, Life expectancy
12/08/2016 33:04 The guys are down in Mexico this week! So as they broadcast their WLS AM 890 radio show each day, we're bringing you each hour of every show as it happens. Third hour today: the guys all notice a bikini-bottomed man & Drunk History does Disco Demolition! Disco Demolition!, Garth Brooks, Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Drunk History, bikini bottoms, Collin Hanks
07/12/2016 01:14:10 Today is the 37th anniversary of Disco Demolition and Steve started his interview-filled day at 4am! A quick call to Janet for wallpaper clarification, Bon Jovi lyrics lead to deep questions on original sin & Steve dry heaves from Bachelorette foot juice. Disco Demolition!, The Doors, foot juice, jon bon jovi, original sin, WGN morning news, no arms, Laura Ashley
07/08/2016 01:13:29 The Disco Demolition books have arrived and Steve's not opening them just yet. Dave Hoekstra is on to talk about their book release & the buzz surrounding them or maybe it's just the sound of Steve's bee beard, those hipster millennials love facial honey! Disco Demolition!, parking, Dave Hoekstra, millennial hipsters, Chicago Reader, bee beard, comic book community, the other Steve Dahls
06/15/2016 01:09:17 Steve makes a break for it on the toll road today and he's also thinking about his big break into the theatre by writing his own play after watching Rent alone last night. Plus, the Dahl CA house, Brendan's brush with a vegan and who eats their pet's food Disco Demolition!, Empire, Hamilton, Rent, Spongebob The Musical, Dog Food, Vegans, BRent, Highway Tolls, Steve eats liver snaps
06/14/2016 01:20:48 Descend into theatrical madness! Steve has great admiration for musical theatre, he enjoys getting off on it, if you will. Brendan feels the temperature is inhuman at WLS and is working on his first hit while Dag gets ready for a big gig with the Cubs Disco Demolition!, Hot Stove Cool Music, musical theater, Hamilton, Rent, world's best chocolate lady, Jesus in a tortilla, spent
06/03/2016 01:08:24 Steve found himself faced with a bathroom dilemma last night and Janet saved his night with some buttered toast. The Disco Demolition book release is fast approaching, Brendan has a great memory and Dag vs. Jon Bon Jovi rears its ugly head once again! Disco Demolition!, be like Mike, Bon Jovi, Evernote, Red Bull Interview, Complete Meltdown, Hamilton, River West
03/31/2016 01:19:24 The darling Janet joins the DahlCast today to give some advice Thursday's segment, Ask Janet. It might be post Spring Break & Steve's last week in SoFlo but Janet sure has Steve nostalgic. Plus the guys cover Tosh.0, MBurger and manatees? Yep! Plus more! Disco Demolition!, Tosh.0, Vienna Beef, airports, manatees, MBurger, Trump, Throwback Thursday
03/23/2016 01:37:14 Everyone's happy when its MBurger's b-day! Brendan's counting down the days until he can bring PB back into his life. Plus Steve's missing his friends and family, just not enough for him to come back home. Plus Steve refuses to lose to his SoFlo fridge... Disco Demolition!, Lena Dunham, chicken pot pie, Strip Club, peanut butter, Easter, MBurger, Sears, Fed Ex
Results: 21 Episodes Found