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07/15/2016 01:17:22 Cubs games are getting in Steve's way today and it's making him irritable, but a quick look at Vitello's menu reminds him of Robert Blake and things start looking up. They check in with The Little Guys and Steve doesn't need Snopes to recognize Photoshop! Pitchfork, David Wexler, Ghost, Cubs Traffic, Hyde Park, Robert Blake, Vitello's, roman soldiers
05/25/2016 01:24:42 New nutrition labels are out and this DahlCast provides 100% of your daily chuckles. A pint of ice cream should be considered one serving, a new favorite cracker, boning someone in front of a window unit, Japanese train cars and a Chinese drive-thru bus! David Wexler, Meditation, Cheez Its, Thermostat, Silent Japan Trains, ASMR requests, Nutrition Labels, Coho Salmon
04/17/2013 00:00

It’s moving day for Tami Sagher, as she heads from L.A. to New York. Steve offers sage advice about movers, cross-country driving and her new job. David Wexler from The Little Guys also joins the Dahlcast to invite everyone to the store for the Digital Music Experience Center seminar series. Steve might even be a guest expert.  

Steve Dahl, Tami Sagher, The Little Guys, Los Angeles, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Boston, marathon, 42, Amy Poehler, Broad City, David Wexler, digital music, driving cross country, guest expert, making it, moving, Natural Harvest, New York City, packing, plastic wrap, Semenology, seminars
01/15/2013 00:00 Steve and Janet watched Argo last night. Discussion of the Ben Affleck film leads Steve into the classic Iranian Fried Chicken call audio. Janet sticks around to answer listener questions about Mylar flasks, hiding food and admonishing gift wasters. David Wexler of the Little Guys updates Steve on the latest innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show. Oprah isn’t happy about the Lance Armstrong info leak…or is she? Steve believes the Big O set the promotional fire herself. Finally, there are three Floridiot stories to share: A sucker, a wedger and a site full of sugar. Steve Dahl, Florida, Janet Dahl, Floridiots, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, David Wexler, Jimmy Hoffa, plasma TV, Consumer Electronics Show, Detroit Mafia, LCD TV
01/18/2012 11:25 On Wednesday's DahlCast I had to once again defend my Glee viewership in the face of mounting online criticism. We talked to David Wexler from The Little Guys about the many easy ways to listen to the DahlCast. How I Met Your Mother producer Tami Sagher called in with some great L.A. news. Someone found a head underneath the Hollywood sign. I also read an article about the founder of Pink Berry. Van Halen, Steve Dahl, Tami Sagher, David Hochberg, The Little Guys, David Wexler, How I Met Your Mother, David Lee Roth, CHIRP, Glee, Pink Berry, 888-GOB-HOM, Maroon 5, SOPA
Results: 5 Episodes Found