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10/17/2017 01:03:37 Steve recalls a golf outing with Mike Ditka & Brendan considers opening an Irish pub. Steve shares stories from his early days in broadcasting. They have fun with TV coverage of underground research & Steve shares audio of a character from yesteryear. chicago cubs, Ditka Golf Outing, AncestryDNA, The Great Dag Juhlins, Secrets of the Universe, The Jackhammer guy, Take a knee in church, Moments with Andre
10/12/2017 01:07:56 Thursdays on the DahlCast mean Ask Janet! Steve's first request of his wife is to end her ban on chunky peanut butter. Then Janet answers your questions about dog glaucoma, a baby-whispering high school teacher & Halloween protocol at the Dahl house! chicago cubs, Ask Janet, Halloween, all boys school, Crunchy peanut butter, St. Francis High School, Swedish death cleaning, makeup
08/03/2017 01:05:05 Steve starts off smooth, to placate an angry Dag. After Bartman got a Cubs World Series ring, Steve wants a White Sox ring. Steve pitches colonoscopies & recalls a time when he was just a young clarinet player. Plus the Cook County Soda Tax protest! chicago cubs, Lollapalooza, Colonoscopy, Medical Cleanse, 42nd Street, Judge Reinhold, Cook County Soda Tax, The Lazy Eye Cafe
05/12/2017 59:49 As we look forward to Steve's return next week, Dag and Brendan react to the Cubs turning away Ronnie Woo Woo. Dag cracks into the voicemail database to play your phone calls & Brendan lists several Johns for Dag to impersonate. Plus Donny's sad life. chicago cubs, John Mayer, Bill Hicks, Ronnie Woo Woo, Grandma Arms, Dead shark, Boar’s Head Cafe, John Cleese
04/21/2017 01:10:24 Steve starts today by gargling and Googling and he tells the guys all about his MC work at Jimmy Webb's performance last night. "John Cusack" stops by to share insight and talk about the Cubs. Brendan loves oysters plus some of your phone calls! chicago cubs, John Cusack, Jimmy Webb, Chicago Bulls, Gargle salt water, High on salt, Nobber County, Cocktail dress
04/17/2017 58:58 Steve and the guys reconnect by reporting their Easter weekend activities. Steve relives Saturday night's family dinner at Benihana and Dag reveals where he plans to spend his final days. And they tell which returning TV shows they're looking forward to. Manhattan Beach, chicago cubs, Bob Odenkirk, Cocktail of death, Benihana, Scallop history, Bad Blackjack table, Lagunitas
04/12/2017 58:50 Steve recalls the first comedy album he was into. Brendan shares his and Dag's shopping adventures yesterday during the White Sox game & the guys ask for help 'earthing'. Donny's past becomes a bit clearer & a new creature takes the #petcrunchchallenge! chicago cubs, Sex and the City, Speakeasy, J Geils, Love Stinks, Hummus bagel, Earthing patches, Bro Crunch Challenge
04/07/2017 01:02:55 Steve kicks off the show by taking a few of your phone calls and talking about yesterday's short radio show. The guys vent their angst over the weather forecast for the Cubs' Home Opener. Steve shares some health observations from his continued recovery. chicago cubs, Tom Ricketts, Blow is just an expression, Long term goals, Obi Wan Kanobis, The Deadliest Fruit, here’s how you do a joke
11/04/2016 01:36:12 Nothing like a night downtown with a little room service to kick off your Friday. Steve used a messenger service and enjoyed a turkey club, and seemingly all of Chicago enjoyed the huge Cubs World Series rally in Grant Park, full coverage right here! Anthony Rizzo, chicago cubs, David Ross, Lowes Hotel, turkey club, World Series Rally, bellman, speedy
11/02/2016 01:16:36 Live from. . . the Christmas Story House?! Brendan checks in from the famous porch in Cleveland with details from the after party, not having a Reuben and his big post-game question. Steve works on his Spanish and connects with an old classmate! chicago cubs, A Christmas Story, World Series Game 7, Lucky's, sleeping in the car, Brendan MG Riley, claro, class reunion
Results: 36 Episodes Found