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01/08/2018 02:34:52 Hello from Mexico!!! Steve, Brendan, and Dag are in beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico for the week! As they broadcast their WLS AM 890 radio show each day, we're bringing the show directly to you! Tune in! Chicago Bears, Mexico, coach, Portillo's, live audience, Customs, Riviera Maya, Lost equipment
01/11/2017 01:05:02 Steve and the guys discover a new word while exploring dog chew toys. Steve tells a story about a good toast he recently gave and his son Matt's new job. Plus Virginia Mccaskey says goodbye until next season and your phone calls! 888 GOB HOMO any time. Chicago Bears, Robert Feder, Virginia McCaskey, Robert Murphy, Ranking legend, Good Toast, Clemson, Bully sticks
12/05/2016 30:36 Steve and the guys are down in Mexico this week! So as they broadcast their WLS AM 890 radio show each day, we're bringing you each hour of every show as it happens! In this first hour, the guys recap their flights down and what's happened since. Enjoy! Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears, WLS AM 890, Snow, Mexico, airport, Ron Kittle, Puerto Vallarta
10/07/2016 01:02:09 Melissa Etheridge calls in to talk about her new album and her Etheridge Farms venture. It's hard to break a 40 year ritual of watching the Bears on Sunday the Cubs start post-season ball and it's no contest between Cubs & Kanye for superfan Brendan. chicago cubs, Chicago Bears, Melissa Etheridge, medicine, 40 year ritual, rule of 3, Etheridge farms, mango chutney
10/03/2016 01:12:33 Steve's beard is coming in after a dreary weekend and Brendan is ready to rumble at a wing eating contest. Sadly, the Bears were ready too and will not be 0-16 this year. Plus, an old man puts a special part of him into orange juice, to wit: semen Chicago Bears, eBay, snl, prize fighter, surveillance cameras, lightweight, small tool room, inspector clouseau
02/12/2016 01:20:03 Today Brendan shares a touching tribute poem in reaction to the Matt Forte & Chicago Bears break-up. Also Gaybraham Lincoln is among us as the guys reminisce & share Dag's parody commercials. Also Steve let's the office know Brendan's working on his abs. Chicago Bears, Matt Forte, American Idol, commercials, Cabaret, Robert Frost, The Californians, Gaybraham Lincoln
09/25/2015 00:00

There's no saving seats on the Metra, especially during the Cubs commute hour! Fleeting satisfaction with the Dalai Lama, too many papers in front of Steve, a subject that just won't drop, smash that pumpkin, and the amazing calorie counts at the IHOP.

Chicago Bears, resting dick face, chastity belt, too many papers, complicated eat, IHIOP, harvest grain & nut, make this stop
10/21/2013 00:00 Tom Thayer gives his take on the Bears actual loss to the Redskins and their losses in key personnel. Kevin Matthews stops by for a little chat, and reveals a slightly weird relationship with Gregg  (two g's just like Gregg Helfer) Allman. Steve thinks the Red Sox playoff beards look like 70's vaginas. Steve also gives a primer on the do's and Don’t's of home generator use and thinks that Danny McGowan should get one for L Woods.  Sign up now and get a free month! Steve Dahl, Chicago Bears, Kevin Matthews, Tom Thayer, L.Woods, Bears, Jeff Joniak, Boston Red Sox, Jim Shorts, Dodgers, Linda Lovelace, redskins, Greg Allman, Gregg Helfer
10/15/2013 00:00

Matt Dahl joins us on the DahlCast to talk about Mr. Man, the new penile version of Mr. Skin. He also finds time to mock Steve for his "Daily Affirmations" as Brendan provides some music. Lots of 888-GOB-HOMO calls, and a drunken Big Mac encounter too. Those police DUI checkpoints still make Steve's buttonhole pucker, and he hasn't been drunk for over 10 years. Matt and Brendan also get schooled on sodomy by Steve (it's not as bad as it sounds). Steve has a brilliant new french fry delivery system idea as well.  Sign up now and get a free month! 

Steve Dahl, Chicago Bears, Mr. Skin, French Fries, Mr. Man, babies, Steve Dahl Podcast Network, McDonald's, Matt and Brendan, KFC, Fireball whiskey, Big Mac, cup holders, daily affirmations, pregnancy, sodomy, Wells on Wells
10/14/2013 00:00 Tom Thayer enjoyed his Bears football-free Sunday, and was able to give us a league-wide report. He also said he would straighten out Congress (if necessary) when he gets to D.C. Steve and Henry hung out w/Stanley and hit up D'Noche in Logan Square Sunday too. Brendan got very excited about the Boston games (football and baseball) and wondered who would get seated first: Brady or Ortiz. A Chicago guy killed his best friend over a pot plant, and the Little Guys appearance was a big success. All this and more on today's DahlCast. Jay Cutler, Steve Dahl, Chicago Bears, Chicago Marathon, Tom Thayer, Red Sox, Logan Square, Kristin Cavallari, Jennifer Hudson, Jon Bostic, Tom Brady, Big Papi, David Ortiz, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Stanley Cup, Boston, Tigers, dry ice, Dusty Baker, Jimmy Webb, WCIU, Steve Bartman, Abbey Pub, Alex Gonzalez, Chicago film Festival, Chris Werner, City Winery Chicago, D'Noche, dry ice bomb, George Tillman Jr., Kenyans, Moises Alou, Pat Looney, Robert Teitel, The Inevitable Defeat Of Mr. And Pete, ToonTown
Results: 138 Episodes Found