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02/16/2018 54:33 Subscribers do we have a treat for you! Radio legend Buzz Kilman and Steve's accountant Ron Lewis join the boys for the awaited kettlebell demonstration. Ron Lewis, Buzz Kilman, diet, fitness, Kettlebell, Gym, Weight, Muscle
01/25/2018 01:06:46 Happy Thursday Subscriber! Steve and the boys kick off the show with some sandwich mix-up talk and plans for next weeks podcast! It's Ask Janet! Janet weighs in on book club, the dahl family sickness, and a nice group chat on high school memories at 6 am! Jimmy John's, Buzz Kilman, Ask Janet, book club, family, vomit, Kettlebell, Bobby's Burrito
01/23/2018 01:03:33 Happy Tuesday subscribers! Todays show is filled with music, kettlebells, and ties! Buzz wants to come in and give a kettlebell demonstration! Steve and the boys call Pat and Matt to see where they learned how to tie a tie! Does Steve know how to tie a tie?! Pat Dahl, Buzz Kilman, Matt Dahl, fingers, Music, Kettlebell, Ties, Michael Stanley
08/18/2017 01:03:05 Steve & the guys finish this week strong with a call to Buzz Kilman, Kettlebell preacher, who's made Dag his pet project & convinces Steve to join the party. An email enables Steve's butter consumption & your phone calls! Cheers to the weekend! Stephen Colbert, Buzz Kilman, Kettlebell, Pet project, Harpie Head, Crazy fucking, Pirate radio, Rhapsody in Blue
07/21/2017 01:01:26 Steve's feeling good after a massage last night followed by a Mexican feast. Steve shares memories of the Baby Doll Polka Club with the guys & are verified Twitter handles better? Plus Buzz Kilman calls in to talk Charlie Manson, weight loss & tattoos! Buzz Kilman, OJ Simpson, Fake News, Charlie Manson, Baby doll polka club, Chicken sausage, Verified Twitter, Obese mannequins
05/26/2017 01:02:23 Steve, Dag and Brendan celebrate this Friday with Buzz Kilman! Buzz shares his struggles looking for work, memories from the movie business and how to make a turtle feel loved. Steve pitches an idea to Buzz & the guys look ahead to Memorial Day weekend! Chet Coppock, Buzz Kilman, Denzel Washington, Jonathan Demme, Piranha man, Dahl-a-palooza, World Turtle Day, Below Deck Mediterranean
05/03/2017 01:03:20 Brendan and Dag hold it down as Steve recovers from yesterday's surgery & Buzz Kilman stops by between naps to help! Buzz shares memories of his friend and film Director the late Jonathan Demme & his new idea to get famous. Plus Donny has a meltdown. Buzz Kilman, Ryan Seacrest, Piranha man, Dahl Family, Jesus’ sweet plan, Jump rope with small intestines, Captain and Tennille, Blowing Goats
03/03/2017 01:06:25 ​Steve's ears are still ringing after some 'locker room' horseplay by Brendan while filming a segment for WLS AM 890. Steve calls Janet to help tell the story of Rosie's early morning panty raid and the full debacle of the Buzz Kilman death hoax! Buzz Kilman, Peep Show, Steve Martin, Kirschbaum's bakery, Dog is a fucking whore, Chocolate Doughnuts, Dog bulimia nervosa, Robert DeNiro
01/27/2017 01:06:37 Buzz Kilman calls the show to talk about his love for Russian Kettlebell exercises and handstand push-ups, making Steve a believer! Rosie the dog gets in some trouble at home after eating a healthy snack of Steve's cash and credit cards! Buzz Kilman, White Sox, wallet, Rosie, Super hero, Russian Kettlebell Challenge, Cool Down, Pizzle
04/11/2014 00:00

Frijole Joe Gaspar is in the flight simulator for Brendan today. Steve has finally recorded a new show open, and is surprised he didn't think of it sooner. Buzz Kilman is en fuego and never charitable. Janet joins Steve and Joe to talk news and big booty.

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Results: 129 Episodes Found