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04/20/2018 01:05:14 Stever received an email with a list containing mercury levels found in fish... but papa loves his grouper anyway! Dag reunited with some family after a 40 year hiatus. Plus the boys interview the cast of Super Trooper 2. Catfish, salmon, Grouper, Reunion, Bedding, Mercury, Super Troopers 2, Weekend Plans
04/18/2018 01:04:40 Brendan slept like an angel in his new bedding thanks to Janet, but prior to setting it up Stever almost lost a car door! Frijole Joe is in studio! Dag + Acid + Fire extinguisher = not a good time. Frijole Joe, Guacamole Wednesday, acid, Gym, Bike, Bedding, Fire Extinguisher, K-tel
04/17/2018 01:00:59 Brendan finally receives his bedding from Janet courtesy of a flustered Steve. The Chicago weather leaves Dag pondering ruefully and Steve is over it, already! Stever recaps the Dahl family birthday dinner crisis. Florida, Birthday, weather, Janet, Dahl Family, Bedding, Mood, Bar
04/12/2018 01:02:46 In an effort to get the most out of Florida life, Steve treats himself to a bike ride and a gym session this morning! As a reward, grouper tacos and iced tea follow. Brendan meets a former President outside the building today and Janet shares advice on dogs and more, its Ask Janet! Florida, Bill Clinton, Ask Janet, Pizza, president, Grouper, Rosie Dahl, Bedding
Results: 4 Episodes Found