A Christmas Story

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11/02/2016 01:16:36 Live from. . . the Christmas Story House?! Brendan checks in from the famous porch in Cleveland with details from the after party, not having a Reuben and his big post-game question. Steve works on his Spanish and connects with an old classmate! chicago cubs, A Christmas Story, World Series Game 7, Lucky's, sleeping in the car, Brendan MG Riley, claro, class reunion
12/05/2013 00:00 Today's Dahlcast features a graphic round of "Ask Janet", Steve's Apple vs. PC discovery and a North Dakota game of hide and seek the meth pipe in the vagina.  Sign up for the network today and receive a free month!  Steve Dahl, Kevin Hart, Lebron James, Janet Dahl, CTA, Ask Janet, Florida State, Jameis Winston, Christmas, The Steve Dahl Network, shower, dogs, NBA, A Christmas Story, blue line, India, It's a Wonderful Life, Jacqueline Badger Mars, man-eating tiger, Mars candy, Mexico City, New Orleans Pelicans, Space Jam, Willie Meggs
12/27/2011 00:00 On Tuesday's DahlCast I recounted the events of a very long Christmas weekend. Dinners were eaten, church was attended and dogs got sick all over the house. We talked to Tom Thayer about yet another dismal Bears game. I also gave my review of A Christmas Story, which I saw for the first time. I shared my concerns about getting Roger a wheelchair at O'Hare when I drop him off. Then I read an article about a priest at the Midway chapel busted for molesting a churchgoer. Roger Dahl, Steve Dahl, Chicago Bears, Tom Thayer, Chicago Blackhawks, Christmas, Jeff Joniak, A Christmas Story, Green Bay Packers, 888-GOB-HOMO, Ozzie Osbourne
11/02/2011 00:00 Brendan recounts the story of the worst thing you can hear in the backseat of a cab. Pete talks about a near-tragedy that occurred over the weekend with his cat Lemur. We talked to Frank Sennett about trying to book Peter Billingsley for the Time Out Chicago Christmas issue. Pete also defended the It's A Wonderful Life sing-along that he attends every year. I discussed my general dislike of Christmas. Then Pete pressed for a DahlCast flag football team. Steve Dahl, Frank Sennett, A Christmas Story, Time Out Chicago, 888-GOB-HOMO, Haymarket, Peter Billingsley
Results: 4 Episodes Found