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05/22/2018 01:04:14 Steve and the boys talk reunions and reminisce on fifth grade and high school. Brendan is going to Austin, Texas with his new lady! Steve vows to not eat anymore coffee cake! Thanks to an email, a celebrity net worth website leaves Stever questioning who picked his picture?! Plus your calls! diet, Pizza, Austin, iPad, Calls, Will Smith, Reunions, 4 AM
05/21/2018 01:06:28 A rainy start leaves Brendan reflecting on his lazy Saturday filled with a whole lot of nothing. Dag received Steves wedding ring over the weekend and pops the question to him! The guys call Janet to discuss the royal wedding. Steve encounters a punk at his local grocery store...oh boy. Goal Light, ring, Janet, grocery store, Pudding, Crunch, Royal Wedding, Nutritionist
05/18/2018 01:00:13 Daddy is still home but feeling better every day. Brendan is trying to fight male pattern baldness. Dag is playing a gig this weekend. Stever and the boys run their mouths about shoes in the house. boat, sick, summer, tubing, Burger, dog, dick pic, lick
05/17/2018 01:05:24 Stever is heavily medicated and back in action today! Dag and Brendan fill him in on all the crazy from yesterday's radio show. Ask Janet covers everything from Brendan's love life to Janet's Mother's Day gift! Plus, Dag decides it's finally time for that beer with Brendan. Ask Janet, American Idol, Doctors, Mother's Day, picture, Dick, Silicone ring, nauseous
05/16/2018 01:00:04 Janet is relieved Steve found his wedding ring, thanks to subscriber Mark! Frijole Joe has a big surprise! Brendan and Dag diagnose Stever's illness. The boys share their secrets of air travel for cheap thanks to the email of the day. flying, ring, illness, Janet, sick, Bike, Cockroach, Joe
05/15/2018 01:00:01 Steve is sick from playing in the rain last night. Brendan diagnoses Rosie Dahl with rage syndrome. Subscriber Mark has good news about Steve's lost wedding ring! Dag and Brendan dive deep into world of sex toys. Bono, sex, ring, masturbation, sick, toys, Rosie Dahl, storm
05/14/2018 01:03:42 Steve, Brendan, and Dag had an awesome Mother's Day weekend! The Dahl family treated Janet to a very special gift! Stever is going to fulfill his dream of being a Grand Marshall in the LaGrange Pet Parade! Brendan is shocked Dag's never had a rainbow cone! Pizza, ice cream, parade, licking, ring, Mother's Day, Cones, Stick
05/11/2018 01:06:19 Brendan and Dag hold down the fort while Stever is away for the day! Lou Lombardo joins the boys in studio! Brendan is seeking relationship advice, Lou shares an update on his no carb diet, and Dag shares his love for sweet potatoes! radio, dating, travel, stomach flu, Snapchat, pictures, No Carb, fruit snacks
05/10/2018 01:07:54 Stever kicked off his day by getting a haircut...handsome lad! Donnie 2.0 takes the wrong seat and sends Steve into a rant! It's Ask Janet, she talks village boards, summer vacation plans, and tells us her favorite song from Steve! Vacation, squirrel, haircut, Millennials, Generation, Ballad, Highway, Donnie
05/09/2018 01:07:21 Steve's a bully today! Papa and the guys analyze all of the weird verified accounts that follow him on social media. Frijole Joe is in studio! Steve gives us an update on the garage sale and also explains the Disco Demolition movie that never happened. Disco Demolition!, Frijole Joe, Guacamole Wednesday, Twitter, garage sale, Bike, Will Smith, Followers
Results: 1767 Episodes Found