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09/22/2017 01:04:36 Steve recaps Janet's birthday evening and shares his Hamilton experience. The guys debate how much hair people eat in a year, and Steve looks into a new diet. 'Virginia' looks forward to this weekend's Bears game and Steve shares a TV anchor meltdown! Hamilton, Dealbreaker, Hair happens, World’s Tallest Dad, Tarik Cohen digs muff, Ketogenic Diet, Follow your passion, Modulation
09/21/2017 01:01:18 Steve starts off in a non-homophobic fashion, and the guys narrowly avoid a hip hop debate. On a special birthday edition of Ask Janet, Janet answers your questions about birthday cake, health concerns and traveling stag! And how much is too much butter? Frankie Knuckles, Rich Melman, Columbia College, Jason Benetti, Speaking of homophobia, Nipples are hard, Birthday Cake, Butter in coffee
09/20/2017 01:04:02 Steve remembers a strange Spanish TV game show, which Frijole Joe helps him translate. A 'Mad Pooper' in Colorado reminds Brendan of a bizarre poop story from Steve's past. Steve shares some family memories & Dag has a grammar issue of his own! short shorts, The Electric Chair, Smokin herb, A&M Records, George Brendt, Lebanese reporter, Smearing feces, Meetings to talk me out of it
09/19/2017 01:07:51 Brendan comes out of the box swinging today, and tries to appeal to Steve's inner nerd with a story from the radio engineer's office. The CTA Blue Line offers perspective from down under, Steve & Dag recall former Playboy models. Plus dogs and drones!​ South Park, Playboy, Millennial Entomologist, Mount Bolge, Perimeter vs Parameter, Engineer Cosplay, Phillips head screwdriver, Pleasure bent
09/18/2017 01:00:31 Steve shares a show tune with the guys, after his whistling piqued Dag's curiosity. Then he ponders the contents of the work fridge & Dag tells of a new coffee trend. Brendan shares stories from the Green Tie Ball and Steve worries about his garage sale. Dirty Dancing, Big Bowl, Red Bull, Green Tie Ball, Spritely tune, Walked the dog, Cortado, Double Thank you
09/15/2017 01:04:19 Steve and Dag react to Brendan dressed in a suit, for a green tie charity event (though he has no green tie). Podcast favorite "Virginia McCaskey" is back for the 2017 season, Donnie tries to grow his social media brand. Plus a David Koechner interview! David Koechner, Virginia McCaskey, Mike Glennon, Audition for the role of Kathy, Chain gangs, Marion Brooks, Iron pumping, @realDonaldKlepp
09/14/2017 01:03:36 Steve's confused by girls calling each other 'dude'. Thursdays mean Ask Janet, today Janet answers your questions about fashion, the upcoming trip to NYC & a message which makes Steve question his charitableness. Steve sets new rules for Dear Evan Hansen. Girls aren’t dudes, Experience the Oral, Like some more slop, Drone flyover, Hamilton is distracting, Panini press, Mentally challenged, Promise I will cry
09/13/2017 01:04:46 Steve starts by setting the record straight on last weekend's family barbecue. Hopefully the third time's the charm for Steve as he announces to the guys he's heading back to New York City! Plus phone calls & Steve reacts to Eric & Kathy splitting up. picnic, Start at the beginning, Flight of meat, Tapped him for stardom, God’s yardstick, Keep the spark alive, Got a Drone guy, Chatty Kathy Doll
09/12/2017 01:07:20 Steve & Just Dag start the podcast, Brendan arrives late due to construction. Steve shares his journey from the dentist to NBC & tries to organize dinner with the Sklars. The guys finish the article trashing Chicago & discover the author's podcast. Logan Square, Just havin’ fun, Dollop of whipped cream, The Douchecast, Where’s the disfunction, Bears preseason game, Irritated by your voice, Their own sitcom
09/11/2017 01:11:00 Steve considers a new career path post-retirement. Steve recommends a movie he saw over the weekend & expresses his love for a comedic actor. The guys react to a 'farewell letter' written to Chicago. Steve and Marianne Murciano relive their 9/11 show. ray romano, Richard Branson, Old Man Weather, CNN Muscle Shirts, The Big Sick, Further and farther, Quirky little Indy beer, The Art of Conversation
Results: 1601 Episodes Found


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