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How ya doing Kevheads? Your Pit-boss Wayne from the frigid Beaver Island Casino here with this week’s edition of the Kevhead Blog. I have a new computer in my office (Jim’s office) and it has this spell-check thingy so I shouldn’t be making too many mistakes today. Jim has all the latest technology. So now what do we do? We have basketball but who gives a rat’s ass?  March Madness is pretty cool and it does bring a lot of money to the Casino Sportsbook. We have the Masters coming up in Golf and yes “Pitchers and Catchers” report next week. Do you think the Chicago comes will repeat as World Champions this year? I do. Nascar starts soon with the Daytona 500 but Jim Shorts doesn’t think it’s a sport. He thinks the car is the athlete. The Casino made a ton of money last week on the Superbowl. We cleaned up. Everybody but Jim took Atlanta. Maybe Jim Shorts will upgrade my trailer. I could use a furnace. We have a wood burning stove now and my wife Matildah is tired of going out and chopping wood in the middle of the night.

My boss Jim Shorts sent me his contribution to the blog so I will turn it over to him now. Take it away Jim……………………


Hey Suckies,


What a Super Bowl, this will be quick, but I just wanted to pat myself on the back and say, “Good job Jim” I told you during the entire football season, New England was going to win this year’s Super Bowl and they did in historic fashion.  My final score that I predicted was 35-21, New England wins.


Tom Brady is the best QB I will ever see in my life. New England is favored to win the Super Bowl in 2018, the Vegas odds are now 5-1 New England wins. So, how are the rest of the teams in the NFL going to do this fall? The Chicago Bears, the Lions are two teams so far behind, Vegas has Chicago and the Lions at 60-1 odds of winning the Super Bowl in 2018.


Dallas, Atlanta are the two teams to watch next season. The Vikings, any team in California will suck dog dick next season. The entire league, the entire NFL better get its shit together quickly. I want New England to win the next 3 Super Bowls, I really do.


Atlanta lost to Tom Brady and the Patriots because the team was young; they lacked experience in such a high level game such as the Super Bowl demands. Atlanta reminds me of the Chicago Bears in 1984, they will be back next year, but as long as Tom Brady is alive, he will win and win another Super Bowl, maybe for the next three years.


Please call me and leave a short voice mail, 312-380-9784, football is now over, let’s get ready spring, the Masters and baseball are at our doorstep, lets enjoy it.


Starting next week, I will be offering you Kevheads a chance to help many of you with life questions. If you have a question for me, a personal question, a problem, an issue, write me a short understanding of the issue and I will address it here on this blog and on the air during the Kevin Matthews Friday podcast.


Thanks for reading my blog, hear me with Kevin Matthews and crew every Friday here at www.dahl.com


Love you,


Jim Shorts CEO, Beaver Island Casino and House of Prostitution.


Thanks Boss. Now I have a Kevhead from North Carolina named Dale who is going to give you Kevheads a preview of the Daytona 500. Just don’t tell Jim Shorts I let him post in the blog. He’ll fire me for sure. So here now is Dale from North Carolina……………………………….


Hey, how y’all doing..? This here’s Dale coming to you “hammer down” in this week’s Kevhead blog…I’m going to talk a little NASCAR this week with the start of the upcoming race. The Season is just about a week away. Well, all signs point to the return of Dale Earnhardt Jr my driver and name sake that my pappy gave me. After not driving most of last season because of a concussion and some after effects that sidelined him, look for Dale back in the Nationwide Chevy 88 Car… Jimmy Johnson will defend his 7th championship title in the Lowes Chevrolet 48 car…Can anybody beat JJ This year ? Nascar will be without smoke, no I’m talking Tony Stewart, the controversial driver has officially retired form Sprint Cup Racing, and will concentrate on dirt track racing, where he started…Carl Edwards, who was famous for doing a backwards summersault off his car after he won a race, had also left the driver’s seat, for a seat in the broadcast booth….Who will be this year’s Nascar Champion..? Will the Busch brothers make a run at it again or maybe Brad Koslowski….or how about one of the new kids on the block..? We will be watching to find out…The Daytona 500 will take place on Sunday February 26th at 2:00 p.m. on Fox with speed week starting Friday February 17th.



Well that should do it for this week’s Kevhead blog. Be sure to join us on facebook at Kevhead Row. As of this morning we need 1 more new member to get us up to 1,200 Kevheads sharing memories and wellll just having a great time. Thanks to everybody at the Steve Dahl Network especially Mallory and Don for all their help getting this blog to you and thank you Kevheads. We are Family. There’s nothing like Kevheads. Have a great week and we’ll see you on the Kevin Matthew’s Podcast Friday at dahl.com Call us at(312)-380-9784 to be part of the show.

Wayne Stutterman


(Beaver Island Casino Sportsbook).


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