Tourney Time

Welcome to this week’s Kevhead blog. This is Wayne from Jim’s Beaver Island Casino. I am your friendly Pit-Boss and we are going to be packed this weekend. The NCAA men’s basketball tournament gets into full swing tomorrow. Congratulations to the Northwestern Wildcats on their first ever shot at the big dance. Don’t forget to fill out your brackets; who is your favorite to win it all? We have a contest going on at the Beaver Island Casino Sportsbook. If you fill out a perfect bracket you can win $33.48 that’s a lot of money. Hockey’s regular season is wrapping up shortly and the Chicago Blackhawks are in first place. It’s hard to believe Major League Baseball kicks off the regular season in a couple weeks. Who will win it all this year? Can the Cubs repeat as the World Champions? It is so cool to refer to them as World Champions. I think they have a great shot at it again this year. The Rickets family has done a tremendous job building a winning team and the renovations to Wrigley Field and the Wrigleyville area are fantastic. What do you think about the Chicago Bears new quarterback? I think he’s a bit too skinny to be successful in the NFL. He is a tall sucker though. I think he’s like 6’7″, that’s a tall quarterback.
Yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of the Loop radio station. Can you believe it? We have a link to the interview Kevin Matthews did with Tim Virgin over at Kevhead Row on facebook. I reached out to Ken Churilla for some memories to share with us. Take it away Ken………
Loopstock ‘94
“We’re chokin’ our chicken”
They say hindsight is 20 / 20 and let me tell you, if I had only known then what my future held I would…
It was my first ‘real’ job.  It was the summer of 1994 and I was 22 years old, just out of college and working in the Marketing Dept with / for Deb Heed.  She had worked out this promotion with The Loop to put on a spectacular day long event called Loopstock.  It was a play off the 25th anniversary of the actual Loopstock but let me tell you, ours was much more fun than their reboot.
At that time the Loop ruled the airwaves w/o an ounce of rock and roll.  It was all talk, all hysterical and the kind of station you just set and “ripped the knob off” since radios still had knobs then, or at least buttons.  The day was like a day in the head of Kev.  There were a million things going on and every one of them was awesome.  Loopers were flying through the air with Velcro vests splatting against the inflatable wall at the human fly trap.  I remember there was one of those Gyroscopes and we even trucked in I forget how many tons of sand for a beach volleyball court.  A couple bands played the day stages in the plaza.  I can’t remember all of them but Jackopierce seems to stand out.
Seriously, everyone was there.  The evening however was the coolest.  Everyone had a slot onstage starting with Gary Meier at 6p, Buzz and his All Bubba Blues Band at 6:15p and then Kev took over at 7:15p.  It was musical, it was hysterical, it was awesome.  It was everything Kev.  But as soon as it started, it was over and Kev gave way to Danny Bonaduce (where not only did Danny drive his cherished Viper onstage, he cut Shemp’s pony tail much to the surprise of Shemp) who then made way for Brandmeier closing the show. 
Funny enough, that was my first encounter with Kev but would far from be my last.  I moved into radio after Poplar Creek closed that fall and ended up working WITH Kev at WCKG about 7 or 8 years later.  Let me tell you something, THAT was some of the best times of my life.  The Deathmobile, his Homecoming Dances at the Willowbrook Ballroom, the Breeders Cup party at Hawthorne Racecourse that we only invited pregnant people to.  Even when I ended up as Dir of Marketing at Balmoral Park Race Track in 2014 I brought Kev out for a reunion night. 
God love ya Kev.
Thank you Ken. I’m really looking forward to this week’s Kevin Matthews show on Friday. I can’t wait to hear about his trip. From what he shared with us on facebook it looks like it was a wonderful time. Check it out Friday only at
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I have to go get ready for our big NCAA Tournament party. I can’t get that damn Basketball Jones song out of my mind. Thank you Cheech and Chong.
Thanks to everybody at the Steve Dahl Network for helping to make this blog happen.
Until next week,
Wayne Stutterman
(Beaver Island Casino)


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