This is the End

How ya Doing everybody? Are you ready for some football Kevheads? I’ts Wayne the Pit-Boss at the beautiful Beaver Island Casino Sportsbook. We have one hell of a party with all kinds of giveaways and special room pricing just for you. Listen to Fridays Kevin Matthew’s Show or call (312)-9784 for more details.

Here is my boss Jim Shorts with the final Pigskin Picks for this season………


Well Suckies,


Another football season will soon be over and we put this bullshit sport to bed for another year. We are down to Atlanta and New England, the rest of the teams in the NFL suck dog dick, why? It is all about winning the big ring, the Super Bowl, or at least playing in it. Come Monday, no one will give a shit about who won; people will talk about Lady Gaga and her halftime show, her attention to human rights, thousands of candles, waving back and forth, and singing stupid shit.


The press has been in Texas all week, asking the stupidest questions. The best question asked was from a little kid to Tom Brady, “Who is your hero” Brady said his Dad and then tears gathered in his eye socket, great question kid, unlike the adults who asked Brady about his friendship with Donald Trump, who cares, the press, sports reporters for the most part suck, pure embracement folks.


I am putting big money on Tom Brady and New England to win the Super Bowl. 83% of the country wants New England to lose. The reason I am a rich man and I own a casino is simple, I bet looking at the numbers, the reports, not my gut, my emotions, bet using your emotions and you will get wiped off the face of the Earth.


So, go ahead, bet Atlanta, but your betting using your emotions.


Bet New England and win some money, bet the over and take my spread that is 7 ½ points, go ahead, you will be reminded by the half of how great New England is.


Ok, let the game begin, I want to watch hockey, get ready for college football, some golf and really get ready for some baseball, go Cubs, I am putting money on the Cleveland Indians to win the World Series, yup, put some cash down on the Indians.


Ok, call and leave me voice mail, 312-380-9784, hear it on the Friday Podcast with Kevin Matthews and crew here at


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For more information call my casino hotline at 312-380-9784.


Have a great weekend, bet New England, get drunk, eat, clog the toilet Monday.


Eat me,


Jim Shorts, CEO Beaver Island Casino and now, whore house.


Thanks Boss but I’m taking the Atlanta Falcons to win it all. I’ll tell you why on Friday’s Kevin Matthews Podcast.

Kevheads be sure to sign up on facebook to Kevhead Row. We have well over 1,000 Kevheads participating.

Have a great Supebowl Weekend and why the hell isn’t Monday a National Holiday?

Wayne Stutterman

(Beaver Island Casino)




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