The Curse of Beaver Island

Wayne Stutterman here at the beautiful Beaver Island Casino. I’m still waiting to hear from my boss Jim Shorts as to whether I get a trailer upgrade. We made so much money on you losers that took Atlanta to beat the New England Patriots. Why the hell would you bet against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick? You sure made Beaver Island Casino rich.
Pitcher’s and Catchers reported yesterday and now the trades shall begin. Who do you like to win the World Series this year? I’m sticking with the Chicago cubs. Call us at (312)-380-9784 and tell us who you pick to win. You can be on this weeks
‘s Kevin Matthews Show. I’m keeping the blog short today so I want to share a little history of Beaver Island with you from Jim Shorts…………

Here is another reason for you and your family to vacation this year on Beaver Island, located in Lake Michigan, treasure, billions of dollars in buried beaver pelts and according to senior citizens, gold teeth buried somewhere on this island.

Legend has it that in 1503 Princess Big Beaver killed some Vikings who arrived on the island from Sweden, the Vikings sailed more the 20 Viking ships and brought beaver pelts from Sweden as a gift. These daring Vikings were killed and eaten as soon as they stepped on shore.

Princess Big Beaver then buried these beaver pelts on the Southwest side of the islands as a gift to the Gods. Beaver pelts are preserved if they are buried properly and that is what diggers like me and hoping to find. Beaver fur prices have risen on Wall Street and the demand for Beaver has grown worldwide.

My agent and partner in business, Frank the Alcoholic are looking for investors to begin digging on the Southwest side of the island. The woman, who owns most of the acres we are looking at, hopefully will die soon, when that happens, our investors will buy the property and begin the biggest dig that has ever been attempted on Beaver Island.

If you’re interested, please call the Kevin Matthews Podcast and leave me a message on my cell phone, 312-380-9784. Listen to the Kevin Matthews weekly here at Help us find the Beaver, 2016. Jim Shorts, CEO Beaver Island Casino and Deer Park.


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Wayne Stutterman



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