Hello Kevheads, Wayne here from the beautiful Beaver Island Casino Sportsbook. I’m the Pit-Boss you know. I’m going to make this a quick one today. As you might have heard on last week’s Kevin Matthew’s Show, my wife Matilda has to give me 3 enemas a day. My Doctor here at the Reservation said it will help me with my stuttering problem.I’m actually kind of enjoying them. The Cubs won last night and played this afternoon I think because it’s morning and this blog won’t be posted until after the game. I predict the Cub beat St. Louis 7 to 3 today. The White Sox and Tigers have been rained out today at Guaranteed Rain Field! Fellow Kevhead Brad Nye sent me a piece for the blog but little did I know that Kevin was going to have him on the podcast last week. Here is what he had to say to us all………


Hi Wayne,
I’ll never forget meeting Kevin Mathews. It was right after a Dick Holliday & the Bamboo Gang show at the Park West in 1988(?). Larry Wert, president of the LOOP, was taking Kevin, and Deb, around town and they stopped in.
Kevin came backstage and said, “Hey buddy I’m Kev and I’m new in town but gonna be on the radio soon and let me get a little established then we’ll do some shows together ok? Oh and that’s a cool shirt and you guys really rocked and do you like sushi?” And I thought “……where is security?!” Almost 30 years later and I’m still thinking that :)))



Thank you Brad. That’s a great memory and the rest is history. Now for a note from my boss the man, the myth, the legend and the guy who signs my paychecks Mr. Jim Shorts…………


Hey Suckies,

I am so glad college basketball is over; I lost my ass again this year. My biggest question is who was watching girl’s college basketball?  Why have both species running at the same time? I personally can’t wait for the transgender games that will be coming in the next few years.

The Cubs suck. They lost the season opener to St. Louis, why did the Cubs management let Fowler go? They couldn’t afford it, that mistake is going to bite them in the ass come playoff time.

It has been great to watch the Blackhawks, I have them winning the Stanley Cup this year, and I am serious, look out bitches.

I hope that you have been listening to the Kevin Matthews weekly Podcast here at We have been airing a new segment, Inside the Podcast with Lyle Peppers, Lyle continues to spotlight me and my family history, this series may be picked up by PBS later this spring.

Speaking of spring, I can’t wait for tornadoes to return this year. I have always wanted to be killed in a twister, think of that blowjob?

If you would like to leave me a phone message, I would love to answer any question you may have. Kevin and I are taking your votes for best pizza in Chicago and here in America. Call us at 312-380-9784.

We have our favorite, what is yours?

Are you taking a summer vacation, we are hitting the road now that we have new equipment, if any of you have summer homes we can use, call us.

Lots to talk about this week, its great news to hear that Steve Dahl is out of the hospital. I wanted to go visit Steve and lay with him in his hospital bed. I am so glad he is feeling better and he is sleeping in his own bed.

Have a great weekend and please tune in to this Friday’s podcast with Kevin Matthews and crew, including me, the best person on the show.

Leave me questions blow bitches, 312-380-9784.

Tell your friends this is where we live,

Eat me,


Thanks Boss. You are the best. I have 1 more Kevhead that wanted to share a memory of the huge show at Alpine Valley Kev did for the 4th of July. I will never forget that day and I’m not quite sure how we made it home alive. Here is Mr. Bill (Wilbur) Hart……..


Kevin Matthews at Alpine Valley, I was expecting to see a show strictly on skits from the radio show. That would have been fine but Kevin didn’t make the show all about the radio show. He added friends,very talented friends. Started at the tailgate, most every one I ran into was friendly. The pick up truck that pulled in the parking lot had an empty pool which they put in the parking lot and filled it with barrels of water they brought with them. People standing in that water throughout the day cooling there feet off,also the sharing of drinks at the tailgate. Joe Walsh’s Desperado solo on a white baby grand piano was worth the price of admission in itself. Dennis DeYoung singing a few songs, Kevin Butler kicking balls in to the crowd then carrying David Uhrich on his shoulders around the crowd while playing guitar. Then came comedian Bill Hicks making us all laugh.

Bill Hart


Thank you Bill and now on a serious note. As most of you all are aware of Steve Dahl had a very scary, potentially life threatening trip to the hospital and we have all been praying for him. He is home now resting with an IV and one hell of a nurse named Janet. We have all been worried and I pray you get well soon my friend. It was good to hear you on the Steve Dahl Show yesterday. Just relax, take it easy and get back to work soon my friend. We all need you and love you. God bless the Dahl family. Thanks to everybody at the Steve Dahl Network for making this all happen.

Be sure to join us on facebook at Kevhead Row. It’s where all us Kevheads live and be sure to tune into on Friday for an all new Kevin Matthews Show.

Til Next week,

Wayne Stutterma(Pit-Boss)

(Beaver Island Casino)

(I have to poop)


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