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08/03/2012 00:00 Your weekend begins now. A review of Lollapalooza with our crew and someone inside the Dahl Network. Jim Shorts reviews the summer games, Kevin wants to enter what during the next series of games? We talk with comic and Kevhead Jeff Cesario, details on the Wurst Festival Ever coming Saturday, September 29th, save the date. Enjoy the weekend Kevheads, now hit play. Kevin Matthews, Lollapalooza, Jim Shorts, Steve Dahl Network, Wurst Festival Ever, Jeff Cesario, 312-380-9784
07/06/2012 00:00 Kevheads: Great guests on the edition of the Friday Podcast. Is your PC going to die Monday? A concert gone bad, very bad. Was Jim Shorts tortured this week? If you love listening to sports, we talk to a friend who makes it all possible. Call the Podcast 24/7 312-380-9784. Enjoy the Friday Podcast and have a great weekend Kevheads. Kevin Matthews, Jim Shorts, funny podcast, Steve Dahl Network, best podcast, 312-380-9784, Baby Watch, FBI Internet, Internet Shutdown
06/29/2012 00:00 Kevheads: This insane heat may end up killing Kevin -- let's hope so. Also on today's show: is Jim Shorts really gay? A Wisconsin report, we talk to a famous person behind bars, new DVD rents for the weekend (wait until you hear this!) and more. Call the Podcast at 312-380-9784. Hit 'play' and enjoy your weekend, Kevheads! Kevin Matthews, Wisconsin, Jim Shorts, Steve Dahl Network
04/16/2012 00:00 Kevheads: The secret service is in trouble, should this have happened during the "Bush" Administration? A famous Porn star died over the weekend, our tribute on the Monday Express. Call us Kevheads and be on the program: 312-380-9784. Enjoy the Podcast Kevheads.  Kevin Matthews, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Jim Shorts, Park West, Steve Dahl Network, best podcast, Axl Rose, Top rated podcast, Columbia, Secret Service, Guns n' Roses, Darnell, John Mellencamp
04/13/2012 00:00 Kevheads, the weekend begins now. Your phone calls, 312-380-9784. We are writing a song with James House in Nashville, what does Jim like doing in a cab? We say hi to President Bill Clinton. A new prison game, news headlines and a new segment from Darnell. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend Kevheads.  Kevin Matthews, Nashville, Jim Shorts, Steve Dahl Network, best podcast, Top rated podcast, Darnell, James House
04/09/2012 00:00 Kevheads: Everyone is back from vacation and we hope you enjoyed a great Sunday. The Masters and who did Jim Shorts spend Easter with? Who's on the studio hotline? Enjoy the Monday Express Podcast, back on Friday. Call the show Kevheads: 312-380-9784, it's my cell phone, put it in your speed dial. Enjoy the show. Kevin Matthews, Bubba Watson, Jim Shorts, Tiger Woods, Park West, Steve Dahl Network, best podcast, 888-GOB-HOMO, Top rated podcast, Easter, The Masters, Darnell, PGA
04/06/2012 00:00 Kevheads: Big show today, 3 special guests on the studio hotline today. Judge Jimmy with Jim Shorts. We talk to you Kevheads, call the show 312-380-9784, put this number in speed dial and talk to us. Have a great holiday this weekend. who is Jim picking to win the Masters? Find out now. Kevin Matthews, Masters, Jim Shorts, Steve Dahl Network, best podcast, Top rated podcast, Easter, Judge Jimmy
04/02/2012 00:00 Kevheads: Big weekend here, a baby shower, Jim Shorts lost more money thanks to Ohio State and CBS Sports. We take your phone calls, 312-380-9784, keep this number in your cell phone. A special guest on the hotline, who is it? We play a new game, Andy Rooney is dead but here on the Podcast, enjoy the show and the week ahead. Kevin Matthews, March Madness, Jim Shorts, Ohio State, NCAA, gambling, Park West, Steve Dahl Network, best podcast, Andy Rooney, Darnell, 312-380-9784, Richard Bags, special guest, top rated pocast
03/30/2012 00:00 Kevheads: The phone works great, Steve Dahl joins the Friday Podcast. Your calls and more. Call me and save this cell number, direct to the studio 312-380-9784. Jim Shorts, Darnell, new music and more, enjoy the weekend and the Friday Podcast Kevheads. Steve Dahl, Kevin Matthews, Jim Shorts, Music, Steve Dahl Network, best podcast, Top rated podcast, Darnell, new phone
03/26/2012 52:41 What a weekend Kevheads. What did Kevin do to his studio this weekend? Jim Shorts won money this weekend, news headlines, coming to the Park West and more, enjoy the Monday Express Podcast Kevheads, enjoy the show.   Kevin Matthews, March Madness, Jim Shorts, Park West, Steve Dahl Network, best podcast, Top rated podcast, headlines, studio
Results: 16 Episodes Found