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04/14/2017 01:19:41 Kevheads: Welcome to Easter weekend. Kevin Matthews and crew are busy in studio today, lots to hear, let the weekend begin. Aaron Rodgers, Real Estate, United Airlines, Easter, Rape Whistle, Dusty America's Exterminator, marriage counselor, adult roommate
04/18/2014 00:00

Kevheads: It's already Easter weekend, I m heading to Detroit and welcome to the Friday Podcast. Father Tim is calling from Rome to talk holy tipping. Jim Shorts has a very special guest, a sports legend, your calls, and I am heading to Atlanta next week!

Chicago Blackhawks, Bill Clinton, O.J. Simpson, Les Grobstein, Easter, Kevin Butler, thongs, in-laws
03/29/2013 00:00

Kevheads: It's good Friday and welcome to the weekend. Kevin's fat head is how fat? Jim's puppet is back Cecil. Devon has the story of Easter, place your bets, baseball begins next week in America, who's going to the World Series? New movies, your phone calls at 312-380-9784. Have a great Easter weekend Kevheads, it starts as soon as you hit play.

Kevin Matthews, World Series, Jim Shorts, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Baseball, Easter, Devon, Cecil
04/09/2012 00:00 Kevheads: Everyone is back from vacation and we hope you enjoyed a great Sunday. The Masters and who did Jim Shorts spend Easter with? Who's on the studio hotline? Enjoy the Monday Express Podcast, back on Friday. Call the show Kevheads: 312-380-9784, it's my cell phone, put it in your speed dial. Enjoy the show. Kevin Matthews, Bubba Watson, Jim Shorts, Tiger Woods, Park West, Steve Dahl Network, best podcast, 888-GOB-HOMO, Top rated podcast, Easter, The Masters, Darnell, PGA
04/06/2012 00:00 Kevheads: Big show today, 3 special guests on the studio hotline today. Judge Jimmy with Jim Shorts. We talk to you Kevheads, call the show 312-380-9784, put this number in speed dial and talk to us. Have a great holiday this weekend. who is Jim picking to win the Masters? Find out now. Kevin Matthews, Masters, Jim Shorts, Steve Dahl Network, best podcast, Top rated podcast, Easter, Judge Jimmy
Results: 5 Episodes Found


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