Holy you know what! Jim Shorts finally had a winning weekend and my picks sucked. Did you see that Kansas City game how they got robbed?

Wayne here at Beaver Island Casino Sportsbook. I have been working my ass off up here. Between the snow and now the rain up here I just want some new mittens and a hat!

We have a huge party for you guests this Sunday at Jim’s Beaver Island Casino. I think Frank the Alcoholic is going to be here as well. We have Kneel Diamond coming in for a Pre-party show. She is always on her knees and singing Crackling Rosie. Get on board the Beaver Island Casino Fairy and join us. We will be lighting off M-80’s and passing out Medical Meth for all the guests at Halftime.

I’m going to turn this over to my Boss Jim Shorts now……..


Hey Suckies,


Welcome to my favorite week in the NFL, the last four teams are standing and soon, two will never be heard of again this year, bye bye, see you in camp this fall.


Last week, I picked every winner and made many of you more money then you have ever seen in your life, believe in me this week and double that cash pig dicks.


Before I give you my picks, think about this? Chicago is doing nothing, the owners are keeping the same old bullshit, these turd owners are not rebuilding anything, and they need to flush the toilet, but have decided to load the bowl with big chucks of shit.


This bullshit is happening throughout the league, including Detroit as well. Don’t even get me started on what is happening in California, why not move every team in the NFL to that shit pit?


The NFL is suffering from low attendance and plunging television ratings, really? The League needs a new commissioner now and this league MUST hire superior refs immediately. The game of football is dying because of these douche bags.


Ok, let’s stop bitching and let’s put some food on your table.


Sunday in the NFL:


3:05pm/EST The Green Bay Packers will play in the Atlanta Georgia Dome. The line right now is ATL -4.5 I This is going to be a very fast and physical game, the predict o meter says the Falcons are favored by 67.1% to win this game? Sorry, but I do not see Aaron Rodgers loosing this game, pick the Packers to win.


6:40pm/EST The Steelers are in hell, they play the Patriots in Foxboro MA. I will cut off my dick if Roethlisberger wins this game. Tom Brady is out to shove a trophy up this sorry leagues ass; I pick New England to win by at least 14 points. The line is -6.0; the fav o meter says New England at 75.3%.


So put your money on these two teams to travel to the Super Bowl in Texas.


Remember, we will have a new President during these games on Sunday, unless rioting and looting prevent these games from happening.


PS: The half time show is Lady Gaga; I hear this chick wants to perform from the roof at Texas stadium?


I am ready for baseball.


Eat me,


Jim Shorts


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Jim sir you are almost right. I have $52.00 that says Atlanta will win. Matt Ryan is on fire. I can’t argue about New England winning. Brady wants this bad as his Balls are not deflated any more.

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