Super-Blow LI

Kevheads, It’s Wayne Stutterman your friendly Pit-Boss from Jim’s beautiful Beaver Island Casino in the middle of Lake Michigan. We have so much going on this weekend as the NFL season is finally winding down. You made a shitload of money if you went with my picks in last week’s wildcard run. I picked every game correctly as the Sports God Jim want 2 and 2 and he even lost the College Championship game. I told you Clemson was going to win. I’d like to thank Jim Shorts for filling in for me on last weeks Kevhead Blog as my wife Matildah and I took a trip to Vegas to see what they are doing in the Sportsbooks there. I ordered some new TV’s and a couple of used chairs from Caesars Palace. They were throwing them away. It only cost Jimmy $3,644.17 plus shipping. He will be so happy. I snuck into the CES for those of you common folk that’s the Consumer Electronics Show. I had no fucking clue what that shit was but I got a bunch of free pens and some can coolers. I only got drunk one time on our trip for 5 days. Came back to this shit cold weather. I want to move Beaver Island Casino there. What do you think Boss?

I’m going to turn this over to Jim Shorts for his insight and his Pigskin Picks………..Here’s Jim!


Well Suckies we are down to 8 NFL teams, six are going to dive bomb and crash, see ya next year and two, will go to the Super blow.


I made you lots of money this year gambling on the NFL and I will be offering on line gambling classes from my casino on Beaver Island, these classes will make you win, for only $800.00 dollars per class, I will tell you my secrets to winning, details are coming this Friday during the Kevin Matthews Podcast, hear it here at


Ok, let’s make some money from this weekend’s NFL games. I told you last week that I think this year’s Super blow will be New England and Green Bay.


So, let’s start with Saturday’s games:


Seattle travels to Atlanta; I really hate the entire Seattle team, bet Atlanta to win this game, do it. Later Saturday night, Houston plays New England, sorry Houston, you cannot and will not win this game, and I am already picking New England and Green Bay to be in this year’s Super Blow game.


Sunday in the NFL:


The Steelers will travel to Kansas City; I simply like the Steelers to win. Kansas loves to loose and loose they will Sunday, bet big on the Steelers to win.


The big game this weekend is the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys. This will be a QB battle, but I have to take the seasoned QB, plus I picked the Packers and New England to play this year’s Super Blow game.


I call this year’s Super Blow, Super Blow, and this football season sucked. The NFL has suffered a huge loss in ratings, fans are sick of stupid players, politics and just stupid bullshit. Shut up and play the game. At least two teams need to be sold, the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions, old hags are running these teams and until these two teams are sold, forget about it.


Call me and leave me voice mail Suckies, 312-380-9784, hear my response Friday with Kevin Matthews and the crew.


I will be speaking with my pit boss Wayne this Friday, let’s see who that stuttering prick is picking this weekend.


Come visit our beautiful casino and resort on Beaver Island. Come and enjoy the snow, all you and eat buffet for $100 bucks per person, $300 bucks for kids under16.


Have a great week,


Jim Shorts


Thank you Boss. I disagree with 3 of your picks. Kevheads if you want to get rich take the Seahawks, Kansas City and the Dallas Cowboys!!!!

The Chicago Cubs will travel to the White House to hang with the outgoing President next Monday. Obama extended the invitation to manager Joe Maddon during a congratulatory telephone call in early November as he flew back to Washington aboard Air Force One. Obama also tweeted the invitation shortly after the Cubs won their first championship since 1908 by defeating the Cleveland Indians 8-7 in 10 innings. The Cubs aren’t Obama’s preferred baseball team; his loyalties lie with the White Sox.

White House spokesman Eric Schultz said Obama rooted for the Cubs because he’s from Chicago and the White Sox didn’t make it to the championship.

Obama said the championship “is actually, for Cubs fans, the greatest thing since sliced bread.”


Thanks to everybody at the Steve Dahl Network especially Don for helping me get it up (the blog) every week.  Tune in Friday for this week’s podcast of the Kevin Matthews show and join over 1,000 fellow Kevheads on facebook at Kevhead Row. Thanks to everyone for digging up classics recordings of the show pictures and especially Bob the Engineer, Dykus and Brian Pearson for digitizing all these old shows for us. Prayers needed for Danny from the Southside.  Talk to ya next week Kevheads!!!

Wayne Stutterman

(Rich Pit-Boss)

(I’m horney)


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