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Hello Kevheads from the beautiful Beaver Island Casino.This is Wayne your Pit-boss. Jim Shorts the owner and proprietor was supposed to send me a sports report but he got called out of town on business. I can fill you in on what’s happening…
The NCAA Conference Championships are going on right now. The real tournament begins next Thursday. I guess you can say March Madness is underway.
Tomorrow is an exciting day in the NFL as Free-agency begins at 4:00 pm eastern time.
The Chicago Bears are going to lose Alshon Jeffery plus I’m sure a few more will go. Jay Cutler is going to be gone. The Chicago Bears only have to pay him 2 millions dollars to leave. That frees up 12.5 million for the cap. The Bears are looking at Tampa Bay’s second string quarterback Mike Glennon. Why would you give the guy a 13 to 14 million dollar contract when no other NFL teams are interested in him.
Enough about football. Spring training is well under way in Major League Baseball. Opening day is just weeks away. I can’t wait. The Chicago Cubs are favored again this year to win the World Series followed by The Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians and the Washington Nationals.
As far as the National Hockey League all I can say is Go Blackhawks. They are looking good this year.
Kevin Matthews is in Fatima, Portugal. It looks like they are having the experience of their lives. You can see his live videos at
You can find out how to order the book there or go to Amazon, it’s available in paperback now.
The book is called Broken Mary- A Journey Of Hope by Kevin Matthews.
Today is International Women’s Day and all the Beaver Island Cocktail waitresses took the day off. Chief Redbird is here with a bunch of the Indians from the Resevation. They are going to take over ¬†for the women today. I have to go show them what to do.
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Talk to you next week,
Wayne Stutterman


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