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This is fellow Kevhead Joe Callahan Jr filling in for Wayne this week on the Kevhead Blog. From what I understand Wayne Stutterman is suffering from the Shock therapy and enemas his wife Matilda has to give him. He’s trying to lose the stuttering or Jim’s going to fire him. I tried to put a bet on the Cubs’ home opener Monday night at the Beaver Island Casino and the game was over before the Stuttering Prick took my bet. He’s a sick man. Speaking of the Cub, they get their Word Series Championship Rings tonight. That’s right I said it World Champions! I actually believe this team is better then last years team. We lost Dexter Fowler to the Cards and we will probably trade Jake Arrieta at the trade deadline but that’s the business end. I predict the Cubs to win and repeat as Champions again this year. What do you think? Call the Voicemail at (312)-380-9974 and give us your thoughts. Speaking of sports the Chicago Bulls lost to the worst team in the NBA and all they have to do is beat the Brooklyn Nets tonight and they make the playoffs. The Blackhawks have home ice throughout the first three series of the playoffs. I feel another Lord Stanley Cup coming home. Enough about sports Now on to some sad news. The J Geil’s Band is and was one of my all time favorites to see live. When I was in Catholic Grade School my favorite Nun Sister Ronnie taught him in Boston. She then played the entire Full House album for us in class the day after it came out.

Geils was a vocalist and guitarist for The J. Geils Band, which he formed in Worcester, Mass., in 1967, when he was attending school at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

In the 1970s, the band achieved success with a bluesy-rock sound and built up a strong following by constant touring, opening for such bands as The Allman Brothers and The Byrds. They were known for their use of the harmonica as a lead instrument.

They moved to a more mainstream hit-making new-wave sound in the 1980s. Their third album, Freeze Frame, was No. 1 for four weeks in 1983, and its hit song, Centerfold, was No. 1 for six weeks on the Billboard Top 100.  Another song fans might remember from 1980: The humorous Love Stinks.

The band broke up in 1985 but got back together for reunions regularly.

When not playing music, Geils was restoring sports cars, starting a performance shop, KTR European Motorsports, in Ayer, Mass., after he started collecting Italian motorcycles and sports cars. According to Hemmings, a car-collecting marketplace online, by the time he sold the business about a decade ago, it was known as the “house that rock built.”

In 1992, Geils joined his old bandmate Richard “Magic Dick” Salwitz to form the band Bluestime, which released two records: the self-titled Bluestime (1994) and Little Car Blues (1996) on Rounder Records.

The J. Geils Band was nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the fourth time last fall but again was not selected as part of the 2017 class. At the time, Salwitz told Billboard, “It’s great to be recognized, but it’s a drag to be disappointed.”

We also lost David Letterman’s Mom Dorothy yesterday.

Carmel resident delighted TV viewers with kitchen and Olympic reports

Dorothy Mengering, an Indianapolis church secretary who found unexpected fame as a correspondent on her son’s late-night TV show, died Tuesday at age 95.

David Letterman’s mother died at home in suburban Carmel, according to an obituary compiled by Mengering’s three children and provided by Letterman’s publicist.

“Late Show with David Letterman” viewers warmed to Mengering’s unassuming style when she served as a correspondent during Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway (1994), Nagano, Japan (1998) and Salt Lake City, Utah (2002).

She also delivered Top 10 Lists from her Indiana kitchen and challenged Letterman to guess what pies she had baked for Thanksgiving.

Speaking of pies, here’s a message from the best Pie maker in the world with a memory of Kev.

Mr. Peter A. Fasano.
I’m from Hinsdale and met Kev through Pete the butcher.
We have had more than a few late nights
Early afternoon
At the butcher shop
And belaminis.
He is always a riot to hang out with and a true gentlemen.
We used to hang out at Daisy days in Clarendon hills where
“Jimmy shorts” sponsor the 10 k run and of course cocktails after. He has always treated me with respect.
Except for that little Monkey 🐒 Jimmy who I’d like Ta.
 Peter Fasano

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Thank you Mallory and Donny for all your help.

Tune in Friday Friday for a brand new Kevin Matthew’s Show only at dahl.com Wayne will be back next week, I think. Check us out on facebook at Kevhead Row. A-Train, Brian, myself and others bust our butts to keep you Kevheads entertained and Steve Dahl, I’m so glad to hear you in the air again. Godspeed Brother!

Joe Callahan Jr

(Kevhead Forever)



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