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Kevheads, welcome to this week’s Kevhead Blog. I’m Wayne your friendly Pit-boss from Jim’s Beaver Island Casino. The World Series odds were just posted here in the Sportsbook. I will share them with you in a bit. Guess who is favored? That’s right My Cubs!!! Grandpa Rossy retired after winning the world series and now will be on Dancing With The Stars. He is the first MLB player to be a contestant on the show. Is it wrong?
I really want to thank everyone that helps out on our facebook page Kevhead Row. Aaron, Brian, Dinkus, Danny and on and on.
Kevin is getting ready to go on a trip of a lifetime. He leaves Saturday for a trip to the 100th anniversary of Fatima in Paraguay.. Visit and tune into Friday’s show. Big time Kevhead Mike Haislet was helping Kevin prepare for his Journey yesterday and here is a message from Mike…….

Spent Fat Tuesday with my dear friend Kevin Matthews in the broken Mary studio as he prepares for his trip to Fatima!! We had a wonderful lunch of Portillo’s beef sandwiches and then took care of business.
Even Shuggie Otis said hello Kevin’s little Shih Tzu is so cool.

Spent the entire afternoon with Kevin getting work done at his request so he can leave out of town with ease of mind.
Kevin is preparing to give us quite an insight to this experience that he Father Mark Przybysz, ,Sister Luchia, and another sister will be involved in at the festival at Fatima in Paraguay.

So please be watching as there will be much to share in the week ahead as Kevin leaves out of town on this Saturday returning home the next week.

Safe travels to you all God bless you and God speed returning home.

Now a note from my Boss Jim Shorts……..
Hey Knobjockeys, I’m gonna start doing something every now and then on this blog where you can get inside the mind of me, sportscaster guru Jim Shorts, yes the same award winning broadcaster who has let Kevin Matthews ride off of his coat tails for the past 30+ years. Maybe I will write about Wang & Lugar, maybe my parents, maybe my pyro brother Glenn who’s out on good behavior. If you see that idiot don’t give him any matches. The last few days I have had lots of time to think about stuff, mostly been on the toilet this past week because I am severely constipated. Wang got me one of those squatty potty’s but it ain’t helpin’. Most of the people that have given me advice are full of crap, myself included. Anyway I filled a legal pad up with various notes while I was doing my best to squeeze one out. My legs are numb and I think I need one of those medical alert push button thingies in case I can’t get up…

I watched that JFK movie the other night. Do you think Lee Harvey Oswald remembered where he was when Kennedy was shot? I’m really tired of old people at weddings who always poke me n say “You’re Next”. I started doing the same to them at funerals. I also despise all the attention that Hollywood power couples get and read that Angelina & Brad call their biological daughter “Shiloh.” I think we should all say a prayer that Shiloh Pitt is not dyslexic. That reminds me of the time a dyslexic walked into a bra. Medical fact…did you know that on average, humans have one testicle? Do blind people skydive? If they do it’s got to scare the crap out of the poor dog. At what age do you stop sniffing your kid’s crotch to see if they wet themselves? Man was my mom is out of control with that. Here’s a tip from Jim on how to save money on food…I turned my computer keyboard upside down and shook it over my desk. Now I don’t have to go grocery shopping for at least two weeks. My police scanner just reported a drunk naked idiot wearing snow boots, singing Free Bird, and riding a lawn mower down Route 30. Again, I told you don’t give him any matches…

Hang on a sec, uh oh, nope false alarm, just some gas that sounded exactly like an elderly woman yelling “Hai-ya!” through a mouthful of pudding. Speaking of number 2, if adult diapers are called Depends, then baby diapers should be called Definitely. I think I could make millions off of that idea. What can I say I have always been ahead of the curve. Thanks to me, this is why you see ‘For Display Only’ signs on the toilets at MenardsAnd what’s with all the billboards in Chicago and Michigan that say “LIVE NUDE GIRLS” Are there places with dead ones? I have nightmares about being attacked by a mob of clowns. If that ever happens to you go for the juggler. Remember before Walmart, when you used to have to buy a ticket to the fair to see a bearded woman? I wonder what hookers think about all these roundabouts? Might as well get my moneys worth.

OK I gotta go, seriously I gotta go, hope this ain’t one of those ghost poops. All new Kevin Matthews shows with your’s truly air every Friday on plus there is a huge archive of older shows and best of’s. Well worth the monthly charge and it’s only like .33 cents a day. That’s way cheaper then 1 visit to Big Red Penas, ya suckwipers. Wish me luck on the crapper. And in case I need it, what’s the number for 911?



I promised you the Beaver Island Casino Sportsbook odds for winning the World Series and here are your top Ten…………………………………..

Beaver Island Casino Sportsbook

2017 World Series Odds
Chicago Cubs 3-1 7-2
Boston Red Sox 10-1 6
Los Angeles Dodgers 10-1 7
Cleveland Indians 12-1 9
Washington Nationals 10-1 10
New York Mets 12-1 12
Houston Astros 12-1 12
San Francisco Giants 16-1 14
Texas Rangers 16-1 16
Toronto Blue Jays 14-1 20

Thank’s for reading Kevheads. See you next week. Safe travels Mr. Matthews and please leave us a voicemail at 312-380-9784. Who are ya, where are ya, and what do you want?

“We’ve got the 16 track tape machine rolling out back and well, you might just end up on a Podcast!!!!

Thank you Steve Dahl, Mallory, Don, Brian, Mike and everyone who helps make this blog happen.

Tune in for a new Kevin Matthews Show this Friday at I’m taking the Cubs!!!!

Wayne Stutterman


(soon to be rich)


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