Covfefe Day

Kevheads, I hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend. Wayne here from Beaver Island Casino owned by the best boss in the world Jim Shorts. He demoted me but was nice enough to let me go see Dave Uhrich on Memorial Day. He and his band 97NINE put on a fantastic show. Dave was the guitarist for Ed Zeppelin. I sure would like to see them get together again. I guess today is National Covfefe Day according to the media. I will leave it at that.
The Cubs are scaring me a little on their West Coast Swing. They have left 250 men on base in the last 4 games. The Cubs are behind division leader Milwaukee. The White Sox? Well they are 3.5 games behind the Twins and the Detroit Tigers are 4 games back.
In the NHL we have the Penguins up a game on the Predators. I look for Pittsburgh to repeat.
We Have Lebron and Curry for the 3rd year in a row in the NBA. I must admit Lebron is causing me to ask myself the question. “Who is better James or Jordan? Call the Kevin Matthew’s voicemail and let me know. Call (312)-380-9784. Follow us on facebook at Kevhead Row. We will have news soon on a new Kevhead fanpage. Tune in Friday for an all new Kevin Matthews Podcast right here at Tell your friends.
Thanks to everyone at the Steve Dahl Network and I’m happy to see Steve back in the studio post-op.
Until next week,
Wayne Stutterman
(former Pit-boss)
(Beaver Island Casino)


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