Brother Danny

What’s up Kevheads? Wayne the Pit-Boss here from beautiful Beaver Island Casino. We are located on an Indian Reservation in the middle of lake Michigan. The ferry is up and running now since all the ice has melted. We have a new expanded wildlife area, a kid’s park and new Jucuzzi’s being installed in all of the trailers. Did you know my boss Jim Shorts and his room-mate Frank the Alcoholic own this place? Chief Redbird runs the Indian reservation. He’s a really nice guy. We sell M-80’s, Medical Marijuana and Medical Meth for your enjoyment while visiting our fine establishment. Remember you can bring the kids but we ask that you leave them in the car.
Does anyone have an NCAA bracket that Wisconsin didn’t break? They took down #1 seeded Villanova. Who do you like to win it all? I’m picking Gonzaga because I like saying Gonzaga. Try it, say it with me G-O-N-Z-A-G-A! That’s a fun word to say. Can you believe opening day of the 2017 season is less than 2 weeks away. I can’t wait to see what my World Champion Cubs will do this year. I say they win it all again. Remember Grandpa Rossy who retired after hitting a home run in game 7 of the World Series? He’s on Dancing with the Stars.He danced to “Go Cubs Go” He wrote an autobiography and Hollywood bought the rights to it and they are making a movie. Who do you thing should play Joe Maddon? Sad news to report on the death of the genius Jerry Krause former GM and architect of the 6 time champion Chicago Bulls. Chuck Berry died. In my eye’s he invented Rock and Roll. Chuck Barris died. He was a television genius. Could you imagine the Gong show being aired today? My fingers are hurting from typing so I’m going to throw the blog over to our friend the one and only “Danny from the Southside” It’s the baddest part of town. Take it away Brother Danny…
Hello everybody on this nice Wednesday. It’s been a while since i was able to do a blog. I got a call from Joe Callahan to do one, so friends it’s  “Danny from the Southdide”Well since the last blog I have experienced some good things and some bad, but with the help of my friends, Kevheads ,my family with the help of God and baby Jesus I have a peace of mind. I take this time truly truly to thank a very dear friend  Mike Haislet who gave me strength thru his kind words and sound message. The loss of my Brother was so hard on me. It was unbearable. Mike quoted three words he gave to me that was inspired by his cat hopper.  He stated Danny, in life we got to keep on pushing and Mike stated to me “Danny, hold on to those precious memories of your brother and continue to live your like your brother would want you to”. John Donne said it well, no man is an island, we are all part of the continent.  So my friends whom do the bells toll it tolls for me and you. So my friends i take this time to thank the head Kevhead Mr. Kevin Matthews, Mr.Jimmy Shorts. Through  Kevin I have met some wonderful people on this planet we call Earth. Whoop, there it is “Danny from the Southside” is back, Sho you right.
Thank you brother Danny. The love us Kevheads share for each other is a very special thing. That’s all for this week Kevheads, we’ll see you on Friday with a brand new Kevin Matthews Show only at Thank’s to everyone at the Steve Dalh Network and to everyone who contributes to our facebook fan page Kevhead Row. Call the Voicemail at (312)-380-9784 have some fun.
Love you all,
Wayne Stutterman
(Beaver Island Casino)


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